Wednesday Link-Off: Jumping Ship

caroline-wozniacki-1Continuing our US Open hotties series, here is Caroline Wozniacki. If anyone can end Oudin’s run, it has to be her.

Danica Patrick may be running the IRL full-time next year but she’s looking at switching to NASCAR sooner rather than later. (ESPN)

Speaking of jumping ship, David Beckham might be bailing on the LA Galaxy and AC Milan to become an investor in the Montreal Impact’s bid to join the MLS. (Globe & Mail)

Michael Wilbon of Washington Post and Pardon The Interruption fame has jumping on the internet bandwagon. Now, he’s writing a blog for the Post. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, Emeril brings the BAM to Vegas, the story behind @shitmydadsays, and the funniest MMA knockout in history.

The amazing Twitter feed “shitmydadsays” has so much hype going for it that big media is picking up on the story. (Wall Street Journal)

The New York Times will destroy you with its massive journalistic power. It will add your technological and journalistic distinctiveness to their own. (The Comic’s Comic)

Jonathan Roy may be the son of one of Quebec’s greatest hockey legends but that doesn’t mean that he’ll get off lightly for beating the crap out of an opposing goalie. (CBC)

Sticking with hockey, a detailed look at the downfall of ex-NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly. This actually spells the beginning of the downfall of the NHL. (Sports Business Journal)

Don’t you love a Twitter war between a football star and a reality TV never-was? (Deadspin)

Of course, Twitter is far too advanced for Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. However, an Al Davis doppelganger has blogged his insight into all the Raiders/Patriots trades. (National Football Post)

Only those wonder economy ruiners on Wall Street would try and profit from death. Well, them and Wal-Mart. (New York Times)

If I go on one of those cheap Vegas trips, I’m definitely going to Emeril Lagasse’s new sports gambling bar and restaurant. (Palazzo)

This started as a sissy fight and turned into one of MMA’s greatest spectacles.


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