Wednesday Link-Off: The Real News

kim-cloutier-3suisses14-02Well, I don’t know about you but this has seemed like a busy week after only three days. I’ve been lacking writing time at the start of the week but at least we should be good through the end of the week. Or at least I hope so. It’s been so busy that I have enough news stories that I don’t have to give a fashion designer’s death third billing. Good job, CBC.

Anyway, it’s time for the Wednesday set of links. Here’s the return of blog favourite Kim Cloutier.

The man who ran down two Canadian soldiers in Quebec on Monday was on an RCMP terrorist watch list. (NBC News)

The market for the personal data of every consumer in the world is a market worth over $150 billion per year. However, America’s Federal Trade Commission can’t regulate the market because it’s so secretive that they can’t get any info. (New York Times)

Want to hear a tale of people figuring out an exploit in video poker machines that allowed them to run up huge jackpots until casino security caught on to them for getting too greedy? Of course you do. (Wired)

Stop and frisk programs are supposed to make people feel safe. The problem is that it has the absolute opposite effect on those who are stopped and frisked. (Associated Press)

Paralysis is something that could be a thing of the past after British doctors were able to fix the severed spine of a patient. (The Independent)

And on that note, a number of scientists are advocating for Prime Minister Harper to restore scientific funding and freedom in Canada. (CBC News)

If you’re not a Stephen Harper fan, this is a good week to go to the book store. There are new books from Justin Trudeau and Harper critic Michael Harris. (Globe and Mail)

James Cameron might be a film directing superstar but he might be a bit too into his own creations. He likens modern smartphones to Skynet and says he uses a 10-year-old flip phone. (Brisbane Times)

With the WWE holding pay-per-view based around Hell in a Cell matches this weekend, Jim Ross looks back at the most famous one of all-time from a behind the scenes perspective. (Fox Sports)

To what extremes are the organizers of the 2022 Qatar World Cup going to keep the tournament? They’re suggesting game times of 7:00 PM, 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM. That won’t go anywhere because Qatar is only one hour ahead of continental Europe. Good luck finding broadcasters interested in midnight matches. (BBC Sport)

Well, I mentioned the WWE so how about an honest trailer for their next pay-per-view?

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