Sunday Link-Off: Canada Day 2012

I wasn’t sure I was going to do a linkdump today but here we are. Since it’s Canada Day, let’s kick it off with Hottest Canadian bracket #1 overall seed Kim Cloutier.

The big news of the week that Romneycare Obamneycare Obamacare was saved by the Supreme Court. SCOTUS basically came up with a unique interpretation of the Affordable Care Act to save it. (Wall Street Journal)

Is BuzzFeed a cool collector of internet miscellany or a blatant plagiarist website? (Gawker)

With the final of Euro 2012 this afternoon, here’s a look at how Seven Nation Army became the biggest song in the sports world. (Deadspin)

After the jump, more on the Sandusky case, some Canada-centric links and a proper double loop-the-loop.

On last week’s podcast, we mentioned that Penn State administrators were under investigation as a result of the Sandusky case. Well, emails have been uncovered showing that college admins knew more than they were letting on. (CNN)

Big news out of ESPN. Erin Andrews has turned down an apparently substantial offer from the Mothership. Fox seems to be the current leader for her services. (Sports Illustrated) I wonder what Fox is offering that could be better than hosting, sideline and GMA. You have to think she’s getting an NFL gig as the feature game sideline reporter or NFL on Fox pregame show host.

Speaking of ESPN, The Onion sums up Bill Simmons pretty well in this article. (The Onion)

The Boston sports media don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Okay, that could be said about most of the sports media but they’ve proven it with their handling of various Red Sox “scandals.” (Deadspin)

Bryce Harper’s “clown question, bro” meme will do some good. The proceeds from “Clown Question, Bro” Canadian lager will go to support the daughter of a fallen Denver policewoman. (Washington Post)

The FunnyJunk lawsuit against Oatmeal is just getting more and more ridiculous. (UPROXX)

College Humour did a poll to see which cancelled show people wanted back the most. I doubt you’ll have a hard time guessing the winner. (College Humor)

Since it’s Canada Day, here’s Justin Bieber sounding like a dick to a morning radio show host who was nothing but a perfect gentleman. (Gawker)

Not much is more synonymous with Canada than beer. So it’s appropriate that I link to the 10 of the most expensive beers in the world. (Mental Floss)

Since you have some time this weekend, why not prank a co-worker by making it play porn at full blast. (Kotaku)

Yesterday’s Double Loop Dare at the X-Games kinda sucked. Here’s how you do a proper double loop-the-loop. It’s Top Gear Live’s Deadly 720.

Since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce, here’s a classic Jonathan Coulton song called Top Cruise Crazy.

What if Nintendo characters were eligible for the NBA Draft and we could watch the draft in 8-bits? It’d be better than watching it on ESPN, that’s for sure.


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