Sunday Link-Off: Jurnalizm

kim-cloutier-laredoute13-01It’s the weekend so it’s time for the links. Remember when I called this the Weekend Link-Off? That was the good old days when we had like 30 uniques a week. Good times. No, wait. Those times were simpler but I never felt like I was accomplishing anything. Okay, the top posts still make me fell that way but at least people are reading now.

Anyway, let’s start this post with one of our favourites, Kim Cloutier.

And, yes, I meant to spell the title that way.

Using Edward Snowden’s data, here’s a look at how Microsoft collaborated with the NSA to give them your data. (The Guardian)

A former CNN producer and current journalism professor says that it might be time to stop considering CNN a news network. (Gawker)

Sharknado may have been all the rage on Twitter but it wasn’t SyFy’s highest rated original movie. Maybe that’s because Twitter isn’t a good proxy for the general population. (Slate)

If someone told you that the flight crew on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 included Sum Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk, would you believe them? KTVU would. (Gawker)

Could Rick Perry win the Presidency? Not if abortion and reproductive rights is still the number one issue among women in swing states. (The Guardian)

I’ve been trying to cut down on oral histories but here’s an epic oral history of the 1989 Cleveland Indians. (Getting Blanked)

ESPN’s ratings plummeted in the 2nd quarter of 2013. What’s wrong in Bristol? (Deadspin)

Bill Simmons is a Celtics fan but even he is willing to help fix the Los Angeles Lakers. (Simmons)

Here’s the tale of the worst video game ever made. It’s Desert Bus from Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors collection. (The New Yorker)

Microsoft’s switch from points to money may have just caused a price increase. Microsoft has made a mistake because the switch is in beta but who accidentally raises prices across the board? (et geekera)

Not surprising, Justin Bieber is a little twerp. Pissing in some worker’s mop bucket is bush league bullshit. (Gawker)

As great as Sharknado was, is cable TV slowly dying. (Tubefilter)

Has the Rob Ford crack tape been uncovered?

This was another thing featured on et geekera this week but here’s a Twin Peaks supercut that I absolutely love.

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