Wednesday Link-Off: Out of the News

kim-cloutier-femilet13-01Well, I haven’t heard many good things about yesterday’s gaming column about how gamers rights are virtually non-existent. I’ve heard that I’m a bit of a whiner for thinking that gamers deserve to be treated like everyone else and trying to keep people from being hosed by terrible games. Like I said yesterday, that’s the sort of in-fighting that will hurt us all in the long-run.

Anyway, one thing I won’t get complaints about is featuring Kim Cloutier.

The legendary free weekly newspaper The Boston Phoenix is closing its doors. File this one under why we can’t have nice things. (Gawker)

It’s not just small local papers that might be on the way out. It seems as though local TV newscasts could soon follow in their print brethren’s footsteps. (New York Times)

The two Steubenville football players charged with rape were convicted. While most people weren’t exactly sympathetic to those guys, CNN treated them like victims. (BuzzFeed)

Keeping in Steubenville, how has the high school football coach survived this with his job. (Deadspin)

Last week was the conservative CPAC convention. Some of the panel sounded so comical that they could have been a parody of a conservative convention. (Mother Jones)

History Channel is doing a 10-part miniseries called The Bible. One of the feature characters is Satan and he looks a bit too similar to the POTUS to be a simple coincidence. (BuzzFeed Politics)

The man who lives across the street from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church has painted his house like a giant gay pride rainbow. This man should be our new hero. (The Frisky)

I know Vince McMahon is always looking for attention but this seems like a bad idea. UFC boss Dana White says that McMahon challenged him to a pay-per-view fight. (Larry Brown Sports)

Scrooge McDuck hasn’t starred in a video game since the days of the NES but his appearances in the Kingdom Hearts games shows there’s more life still in the world’s richest duck. (Kotaku)

Jay Leno seems to be quickly wearing out his welcome at NBC. He’s making fun of the network’s terrible ratings but his ill-fated Jay Leno Show was the beginning of the Peacock’s downfall. (New York Times)

Which ridiculous SUV is the most bad ass: The Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 or the Canyonero? (GQ)

Speaking of bad ass, Taco Bell’s Doritos tacos have resulted in the creation over 15,000 new jobs. (Gawker)

What would happen if the puck broke during a hockey game? The Swiss League found out  this weekend.

Since there was so much talk about the news media in this post, here’s a song about how Fox News is able to get such high ratings.

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