Sunday Link-Off: The Answers

Welcome back to the Sunday links. We skipped the Wednesday Link-Off because we were busy covering E3 and the Canadian Grand Prix. To make up for that, here’s Missy Peregrym who was one of the final four in our 2012 Hottest Canadian tournament.

There are few rules we hold ourselves to here. One of those is to feature any good article featuring Bill Murray. That includes this Q&A. (Esquire)

The CEO of Business Insider thinks that the digital revolution could hurt the TV industry just as much as print media. (Business Insider)

Many big college sports programs are accused of ignoring the “student” part of student-athlete. One of the examples of that is Memphis football player Dasmine Cathey who is being gifted an adequate education by the college so he can play football. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

After the jump, how not to apologize for being a bad journalist, the numbers behind Star Trek’s red shirts and a look inside an F1 car.

Darren Rovell got duped and he’s being bitter about it. A teen sent Rovell a false tip about prostitution use in the NBA and the CNBC reporter bought it. Rovell apologized for using the false info by saying he’ll never look at the “real-life impact” of sports events again. It’s a funny story with a sad end due to Rovell’s over-inflated ego. (Deadspin) Here’s how Rovell should have handled it: He should have apologized for using false info in a story and promised to double-check his facts better in the future so it doesn’t happen again. Rovell just sounds like a bitter fool for saying he’ll never do a story about the economic impact of sports again. Cry me a river, Rovell.

A kid went with his dad to see President Obama. The President was nice enough to give the kid a note to give to his teacher. Best. Absence note. Ever. (Hyper Vocal)

The only person that seems to care about former professional wrestler Virgil is The Iron Sheik when he uses Virgil as an adjective for loser. It turns out that no one cares about Virgil any more. (Deadspin)

Long-time LucasFilm producer Rick McCallum talks about the long-planned Star Wars live-action TV series. It sounds like it might actually be pretty good but costs might keep it from TV. You know, HBO hasn’t done anything sci-fi yet… (Pajiba)

Speaking of Star Wars, how much revenue has Star Wars generated over the last 35 years? I believe the technical term is “a shitload.” (Gamma Squad)

There’s a long-running Star Trek joke that says that if you wear a red shirt, you’re as good as dead. Well, it turns out that over three-quarters of deaths in the original Star Trek series were red shirts. (Lyris)

I’ve heard most of these before but maybe you haven’t. Here are 15 fan theories about various TV shows and movies. (BuzzFeed)

Coolest technological leap forward ever? Tactus Technology has developed a touchscreen that can produce buttons that morph onto the surface. (Twisted Sifter)

Two years ago, I wrote an April Fools’ joke about EA Sports developing a CIS football game. It turns out I wasn’t too far off the mark. EA Sports actually developed a CFL game but don’t have plans to release it. (Kotaku)

I’ll admit that I was massively disappointed with BioWare at E3. Okay, there was lots to be disappointed about with E3 but this might have been the worst. There wasn’t a single update on Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. To cheer everyone up, here’s a gallery of Mass Effect fan art. (Unreality)

Since we led off with Cuz, here’s 10 of Bill Murray’s most internet bait-able moments. (UPROXX)

Ahead of today’s Formula One Canadian Grand Prix, here’s a look inside the 2008 Sauber F1 car. It’s literally a look inside. They cut it in half to give you a cross-section.

Since today is Jackie’s birthday, I thought this video of an epic come-from-behind win by his Brisbane Lions in AFL action would be pretty cool.

As a tribute to Richard Dawson, here’s a look at a classic moment when he couldn’t hold it together after a contestant’s stupid answer.


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