Entertainment Link-Off: Mind-bending Reality

It’s another loaded weekend at the box office. For those in Canada, you can enjoy the “greatest Canadian movie ever” (quoted from Steve Murray) called Hobo with a Shotgun. Meanwhile for the rest of the folks in North America, how about some eye candy galore in Sucker Punch? Ok it’s getting drubbed by critics as Zack Snyder’s first misfire, but the stylistic action and the lead actresses are worth a look. Kicking off this entry is Jamie Chung who plays Amber in the film.

After the jump more episodes of the Star Wars parody Troopers, Bryan Singer explains why Superman Returns didn’t quite click with its audience, Rebecca Black is becoming richer because of our hatred and Nick Pitera is a one-man Disney movie!

The release of Sucker Punch did bring up the question of “why aren’t there more movies about kick-ass girl gangs?” (Moviefone)

Sucker Punch is getting trashed by critics left right and centre, but there is one certain part of the audience that the film will please: 20-something males. (JoBlo)

Ever since they announced the development of the film adaptation of World War Z, I was looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. Sadly now it looks like the undead movie just might end up being dead. (NY Mag)

Not news of the week: Cloverfield 2 is happening… we just don’t know when it will be made. (Total Film)

A fun gallery to check out, the 15 most profitable films of all time. Here’s a hint though, the smaller the initial budget, the better chance that it tops the list. (CNBC)

College Humor released a sci-fi online series called Troopers, which acts as a parody of the Star Wars films. Three new episodes have been released and they’re perfect for a good laugh. (College Humor 1) (College Humor 2) (College Humor 3)

In a somewhat low-ball move, Natalie Portman’s body double in Black Swan decided to out Natalie by saying she hardly did any of the dancing at all. (Entertainment Weekly)

The new Captain America trailer has hit the net and it looks somewhat promising. (Deadline)

For those wondering why Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was a bit of a bust, the reason behind it is because he tried to make the film for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ audience. (Comic Book Movie)

Our hatred towards that atrocious song Friday by Rebecca Black is actually making her richer. Well that’s definitely going against what people set out to do… (Movieline)

I’ve always loved the score for Friday Night Lights. In anticipation of the DVD release on April 5th (which is before the final season actually airs on NBC), here’s a look the music behind the show. (Entertainment Weekly)

You may remember Nick Pitera as the man who has such a versatile voice that he can sing both the female and male parts in songs. He’s back once again and this time, he’s a one-man Disney movie as he sings a medley as different characters from Disney films.

Going from something that’s awesome to something that’s off the charts bad, here’s Rebecca Black’s Friday. Oh wait, here’s the much improved version of the song – Brock’s Dub.


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