Entertainment Link-Off: Bangkok Dangerous

It’s deja vu for Hangover 2! So we get a rehash of the hit comedy, except this time it’s set in Thailand. I don’t know about you, but the trailer was definitely not as funny the second time around. Anyway, this installment got rid of Heather Graham and threw in Jamie Chung instead. So here she is kicking off the ELO this week.

After the jump The Muppets parody The Hangover, a bit more on our Man-Lab showdown, 3D film related news, LeBron is no Michael Jordon and watch Abed in Cougar Town!

Speaking of The Hangover, the new Muppets trailer pays homage to the Wolf Pack from the raunchy comedy. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A comparison between The Hangover 2 and Sex and the City 2. (Entertainment Weekly)

So in the Man Lab Showdown, Aimee Teegarden is trailing behind Anna Kendrick in the votes… but perhaps the latest photoshoot with Men’s Health should help sway your votes! (JoBlo)

Since I mentioned Anna Kendrick, you can catch her in the dramedy 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. Apparently the film is more drama with comedic aspects rather than being a full fledged comedy. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to seeing it. (Apple)

Kate Beckinsale AND Jessica Biel in Total Recall remake. Well, this is definitely good news. (Collider)

In other casting call news, Shannon Elizabeth is the final round up for American Reunion. The whole gang is back! (Collider)

After becoming a hit in the land down under and New Zealand, that 3D porn flick from Hong Kong is now making its way to North America. (The Hollywood Reporter)

With Fast Five riding its way to the bank at the box office, that means Vin Diesel has a bit more convincing power to make another Riddick film. Pitch Black was fine, but wow that sequel sucked. Anyway, he’s quite keen on making a good dark R-rated Riddick film this time around… and he might do it for minimum wage (for actors)! (Slashfilm)

Watch out, Stan Lee talks about his cameo in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot… and he kinda spoils an action sequence in the film! (Coming Soon)

Looks like Orlando Bloom is making a return to the role that made him famous. He’ll be appearing as Legolas in The Hobbit! (Facebook)

It’s a lengthy read but it’s worth it. 3D films are ruining the movie-going experience! As you all know, most theaters are beginning to convert from film projectors to digital projectors. Sony is one of the leading makers of these digital projectors. The great thing is that the Sony digital projectors play movies in both 2D and 3D; however to play that 3D flick, a special lens goes on the projector to create polarization for 3D. Sadly the lens isn’t easy to remove and the folks at the theatres are too lazy to take it out when screening 2D flicks. As a result when you see a digital screening of a 2D movie through one of these projectors with the 3D lens intact, the film will look much darker than what it was intended to be shown as. (Boston.com)

Of course, Sony didn’t take this news very well and offered a rebuttal. (Sony)

Michael Sheen recently appeared on VH1 and read out some Twilight fan fiction. The fact that he read it with such conviction was hilarious. Now if only he can read out the entire Twilight series… it just might turn out to be funnier. (The Mary Sue)

There was a small tease last week about the 3D talk that Michael Bay and James Cameron did with The Hollywood Reporter. Well now the full video is up for your viewing pleasure. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A look at how each broadcast show of the 2010-2011 TV season ranked. Oh look, CW dominates the bottom of the list! (Entertainment Weekly)

I actually preferred the original title of the film “Untitled 3D Shark Thriller” but Shark Night 3D works too. Here’s the trailer for what looks like another fun 3D gorefest.

Good thing the Looney Tunes recruited Michael Jordan to be part of their team for Space Jam because if they got LeBron James, it would have turned into something like this…

Anyone had the opportunity to catch Bridesmaids in theatres yet? With a very small dropoff last weekend, it looks as though this will be hitting the 40 Year Old Virgin trajectory at the box office. The DVD release might a little ways away, but here’s a first look at the hilarious outtakes from the film. Oh by the way, apparently it’s NSFW.

Community fans, I’m sure you recall a recent episode this season when Abed talks about his walk-on role in an episode of Cougar Town. Well in a nice twist, he actually did appear in the Cougar Town finale! Gotta love TV crossovers.

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