Entertainment Link-Off: Swing and A Miss

It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Starting off this entry is Kaley Cuoco. You can hear her voice work in the new critically slammed animated film Hop, but I’m sure we’ll all be better off watching Source Code in theatres instead this weekend.

After the jump, news on Transformers 3, watch the first six minutes of Sucker Punch, Katherine Heigl causes havoc in the movie industry, Tara Reid tries to show off her acting chops and a funny look at Korean dramas. Continue reading


Sunday Link-Off: Hit and Miss

Steve is off again this week to escape his hometown and enjoy some city life, so it’s Jackie here again to destroy your Sunday Link-Off. Kicking off this entry are the ladies of Sucker Punch.

After the jump, the Washington Capitals are #winning, religion is dying, sex is a risky activity, Facebook happy birthday messages translated and Chuck Bartowski is the greatest American hero. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Mind-bending Reality

It’s another loaded weekend at the box office. For those in Canada, you can enjoy the “greatest Canadian movie ever” (quoted from Steve Murray) called Hobo with a Shotgun. Meanwhile for the rest of the folks in North America, how about some eye candy galore in Sucker Punch? Ok it’s getting drubbed by critics as Zack Snyder’s first misfire, but the stylistic action and the lead actresses are worth a look. Kicking off this entry is Jamie Chung who plays Amber in the film.

After the jump more episodes of the Star Wars parody Troopers, Bryan Singer explains why Superman Returns didn’t quite click with its audience, Rebecca Black is becoming richer because of our hatred and Nick Pitera is a one-man Disney movie! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A…

Thanks to a slight delay due to post-production 3D conversion, Michael Gondry/Seth Rogen’s collab The Green Hornet has finally hit the silver-screens in theatres. Making her film debut in The Green Hornet is former figure skater and America’s Next Top Model contestant Analeigh Tipton, so let’s kick off the link-off with her.

After the jump, a few more tidbits on the film, quasi-good news for Mortal Kombat fans, Tron Legacy sequel may be just around the corner, Harry Potter crushes kids’ dreams, Watson takes on humans in Jeopardy and a nice video showcasing ridiculously obvious product placements in film. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Smooth Sailing

The movie Charlie St. Cloud isn’t tracking very well at the moment and is looking to a decent sized opening weekend at the box office (I guess the teenage girls aren’t flocking to the theatres for this one). Meanwhile people are heading back to the theatres to watch Inception again or perhaps check out the new comedy Dinner for Schmucks. Anyway, back to Charlie St. Cloud. This supernatural romantic drama stars Zac Efron and the lovely Canadian actress Amanda Crew.

After the jump, alien invasion is the next big thing in Hollywood, more Inception related links, Sofia Vergara will run down Sunset Blvd. naked (maybe), Kevin Smith brings together geeks in love at Comic-Con and Joshua Jackson held a convention of his own last weekend. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2010: Saturday Roundup

It was indeed a jam-packed day at Comic-Con. All the big movies displayed the big guns to generate buzz and support including Cowboys and Aliens, Thor, Captain America, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Green Lantern. Other films that made quite the splash include Let Me In, Paul and Sucker Punch. Of course, we also check in on Team Bartowski during the Chuck panel (which was disappointingly short this year). Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Nerding It Up

Lowdown Blog readers should know that I usually just base the title of the ELO’s on a certain theme or ‘big ticket item’ of the weekend. Just to clarify, the title of the previous Entertainment Link-Off does not represent my interpretation of the film Inception. However I would like to point out that Inception is indeed a fantastic film, so go out and see it when you get the chance.

Kicking off this entry is Eva Mendes. Apparently she got some teenage boys really excited during The Other Guys panel on Friday.

In this slightly condensed version of the ELO, some additional Comic-Con related links, a nice Inception guide and the rise and fall of 3D movies. Continue reading