Sunday Link-Off: Battling Bregret

erin-heatherton-nhlawards16-01Did anything interesting happen in the news this week? Probably not. Nobody abandoned a multi-national political-economic unions. Nobody’s political campaign saw a power struggle end with a change of campaign managers. Nothing at all noteworthy.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Since we just got through the NHL awards and draft, here’s Erin Heatherton with the Stanley Cup.

Was Brexit a series of mistakes and apathy that allowed Leave to win or is it a sign that people are done with globalization? (MacLean’s)

It’s not just Americans planning a move to Canada because of a vote. Brits are looking to make a move to Canada because of the EU referendum. (Global)

Scotland voted to stay in the EU. Now, they’re thinking about separating from the UK so they could join the EU. There’s a hell of a way to galvanize an independence vote. (Mirror)

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Sunday Link-Off: Have You Felt It

erin-heatherton-yutsaiyume15-03I know Jackie gave his quick thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday but I don’t think I’m capable of doing it quickly. Our review podcast could either be 30 minutes or 3 hours depending on how much we argue about. I think we’ll both agree that we loved it and will be going multiple times. We’ll let you know when to expect the review.

Anyway, that’s a problem for a future date. For now, we’ve got to focus on some links. Let’s kick things off with Erin Heatherton.

America’s Omnibus budget bill also included the dreaded CISA, Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. I hope you don’t value your privacy. (Engadget)

Fox News’ “fair and balanced” slogan might get mocked but it’s not off the mark when it comes to the Republican primary. They’re giving a good grilling to the frontrunners. (The Fix)

Carly Fiorina was near the head of the GOP polls for a little bit. Now, she might be talking her way out of any chance. She has a pretty poor relationship with the facts. (Salon)

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Wednesday Link-Off: A Happening

erin-heatherton-oceandrive14-01It’s a slightly abbreviated edition of the Wednesday links today. Today’s linkdump is basically about one thing. Whether you call it CelebGate or The Fappening or the biggest leak of celebrity nude pictures in the history of the internet, it’s been dominating the news and we have a fairly in-depth set of links about the story. No, there aren’t any links to the pictures but I’m sure that you don’t need help finding them.

Anyway, let’s get to the links with someone not in the scandal. Here’s Erin Heatherton.

While the original story is that The Fappening was a massive iCloud hack, that may not be true. The latest story is that this was a leak from an underground celebrity nude pic trading ring. The funny thing is that’s somehow more plausible than a massive hack of iCloud. (Gawker)

Even though The Fappening caught everyone off guard, warning signs were out there for weeks. Deadspin was approached by someone who had been offered Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures in an exchange. (Deadspin)

Members of Reddit’s CelebGate subreddit, /r/TheFappening, raised money for cancer research because it was supposedly a supported charity of Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, the Prostate Cancer Foundation gave back over $6,000 of donations because of who it came from. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, these guys are actually worse than cancer. (Mashable)

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Sunday Link-Off: Happy Pro Bowl… Oh, Who Am I Kidding?

erin-heatherton-victoriassecret13-04It’s PRO BOWL SUNDAY! Are you ready for some half-speed football?! A Hawaiian party! The whole house can’t be bothered so let’s get it over with!

Take that Hank Williams Jr. Even I can write football theme lyrics. Alright, to keep with the football theme of the start of this post, here’s Erin Heatherton. She’s dating a Cleveland Browns tight end you haven’t heard of and won’t hear about again if they break up.

The US Congress approved a temporary debt ceiling increase until mid-April. Presumably, the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives are going to look for spending cuts but if you look at the numbers, the Obama administration has already started reigning in spending. (Washington Post)

A court says that Rob Ford can still be mayor of Toronto. He may be a national embarrassment but he’s a national embarrassment that we can all laugh at. (Gawker)

Want to treat everyone fair and equally? Well, that’s not the Boy Scout way. The Boy Scouts of America is threatening to throw out a troop that doesn’t want to discriminate against gay members. (Mother Jones)

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Sunday Link-Off: Save Big Bird

Just after I say that I was backing up the posting time on Sunday linkdumps to avoid F1 race start times, they do a flyaway race with a 2:00 AM EDT start. Anyway, let’s start off the newly regularly scheduled Sunday Link-Off with Erin Heatherton.

David Frum examines the reasons why everyone declared Obama the loser of the first Presidential debate. Shockingly, little of it had to do with politics. (The Daily Beast)

Ezra Klien looks at how Romney’s previous complete vagueness about his platform aided his victory in the debate. (Washington Post)

Jonathan Chait just gets to the point with his debate analysis. Romney just lied his way to the win. (New York Magazine)

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Wednesday Link-Off: July 4th, 2012

I’m actually shocked that we have a linkdump for you today. After all, most blogs take the week of Independence Day off. But since it’s Independence Day, here’s American model Erin Heatherton.

Let’s start off with some news in the world of sports media. Erin Andrews is making the jump from ESPN to Fox Sports. She’s already drawn assignments for the MLB All-Star Game and playoffs, NCAA football and NFL football. (Sports Illustrated)

With all the free agent moves in the media this year, one this is very clear. ESPN talent is jumping ship faster than they can replace it. (Awful Announcing)

Summer blockbuster season is well underway. With all the costs of making and marketing movies, how exactly are studios able to be profitable? (New York Times)

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Man Lab Showdown: Lindsay Ellingson vs. Erin Heatherton

Today’s Man Lab Showdown takes us back to Victoria’s Secret again. In our July showdown, we had legendary Angels Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel. This time, we have two of Victoria’s Secrets new angels facing off in one of our epic showdowns. In one corner is Lindsay Ellingson. She’s Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angel, having signed in 2011, but has been with VS on and off since 2006. Erin Heatherton has been an Angel since 2010 but only been appearing for VS since 2008. These two are the new faces of Victoria’s Secret but which will be top dog after the old guard retires.

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Late Night Link-Off: Helpful Hints

Let’s kick off what is likely the second last edition of the late night links with underrated Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton.

There’s always one gift that can’t go wrong when buying Christmas presents for the over 19 crowd (21 in the US): BOOZE! Here’s a guide to help you buy alcohol for Christmas. (The Bachelor Guy)

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Sunday Link-Off: Let’s Go Racing

Before today’s F1 season finale let’s get the Sunday links out of the way. Let’s kick these off with Erin Heatherton, one of the up and comers at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

We’ve finally got a (new) release date for Gran Turismo 5. It’s on November 24 so you’ve got 10 days to either pre-order or camp out to get it. (Kotaku)

And since this sort of stuff is important with Gran Turismo games, here’s the complete car and track lists for the game. (Jalopnik)

This might not have anything to do with GT5 but it’s a live musical performance by Jimmy McMillan. Why? Because the rent is too damn high. (Urlesque)

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