Sunday Link-Off: Battling Bregret

erin-heatherton-nhlawards16-01Did anything interesting happen in the news this week? Probably not. Nobody abandoned a multi-national political-economic unions. Nobody’s political campaign saw a power struggle end with a change of campaign managers. Nothing at all noteworthy.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Since we just got through the NHL awards and draft, here’s Erin Heatherton with the Stanley Cup.

Was Brexit a series of mistakes and apathy that allowed Leave to win or is it a sign that people are done with globalization? (MacLean’s)

It’s not just Americans planning a move to Canada because of a vote. Brits are looking to make a move to Canada because of the EU referendum. (Global)

Scotland voted to stay in the EU. Now, they’re thinking about separating from the UK so they could join the EU. There’s a hell of a way to galvanize an independence vote. (Mirror)

It might not have been the GOP or the Donald himself who had Trump’s campaign manager turfed but the candidate’s family. (Politico)

Outside the Trump campaign, here’s a look at the voters who are fueling his candidacy. (NBC News)

Nick Denton says the destruction of his company at the indirect hands of Peter Thiel comes down to the two’s differing philosophies of being gay. (The Daily Beast)

Sex scandals aren’t limited to former wrestler’s sex tapes. They can also happen in the office of the Governor of Alabama. (GQ)

Apparently space tech will help the world produce better weed. (Motherboard)

We’re six weeks from the Rio Olympics and the anti-doping system is in complete disarray. Then again, so are most international sport organizations. (New York Times)

And here’s a Brexit tribute video from StarCraft’s HomeStory Cup.


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