Sunday Link-Off: Save Big Bird

Just after I say that I was backing up the posting time on Sunday linkdumps to avoid F1 race start times, they do a flyaway race with a 2:00 AM EDT start. Anyway, let’s start off the newly regularly scheduled Sunday Link-Off with Erin Heatherton.

David Frum examines the reasons why everyone declared Obama the loser of the first Presidential debate. Shockingly, little of it had to do with politics. (The Daily Beast)

Ezra Klien looks at how Romney’s previous complete vagueness about his platform aided his victory in the debate. (Washington Post)

Jonathan Chait just gets to the point with his debate analysis. Romney just lied his way to the win. (New York Magazine)

After the jump, more on the debate, a look at SEO website Bleacher Report and an honest IE9 ad.

So now that we’ve established that, somehow or another, Mitt Romney won the first debate, does that change the race? (The New Republic)

Well, the numbers from Ipsos/Reuters suggest that Obama was the real winner on the night. His favourability rating among independents went up after the debate while Romney’s stayed stagnant. (Daily Kos)

Economist Paul Krugman thinks that Mitt Romney’s health care policy that wouldn’t protect people’s access to health care would be a sick joke played upon the American people. (New York Times)

Fact check time! Here’s a collection of some of the facts checked by the various media outlets. (The Daily Beast)

So Mitt Romney wants to kill Big Bird by defunding PBS. Levar Burton and PBS have some words for the wanna-be gaffe-in-chief. (Warming Glow)

Good news for President Obama and sane people everywhere: Jobs went up and the unemployment rate dropped below 8%. Lunatics are trying to spin the numbers as made up and a result of people dropping out of the workforce. The facts say that the economy is on the rebound. (BuzzFeed)

Since Michael Schumacher announced his retirement last week, I think it’s appropriate to run this story of Michael taking time out of a hectic race morning to visit a young fan. (F1 Speedwriter) By the way, that’s Gerry Donaldson’s blog. His presence is sorely missing from my Sunday mornings watching F1 on TSN.

After the acquisition of Bleacher Report by Turner, the mainstream media has started to talk about the shameless SEO (Search Engine Optimization) engine of a website. Here’s a detailed piece about how BR works. (SF Weekly)

If you want the Coles Notes version, Deadspin has an email showing how Bleacher Report comes up with their stories. It’s all about SEO and never about quality content. (Deadspin)

A couple of weeks ago, we had a link to the best sports moments from The Three Stooges. Now, here’s a look at the best sports moments from the golden age of The Simpsons. (With Leather)

One of my favourite franchises on the PS1 was the Spyro the Dragon series. As a result, I am obligated to run this history of the developer of Spyro and Ratchet & Clack, Insomniac Games. (IGN)

Capcom apparently spent an arm and a leg developing Resident Evil 6 and the result was a critical flop. So Gamasutra asks whether we need to re-evaluate what we call Triple-A games. (Gamasutra) You know, a smart man questioned conventional thinking about Triple-A games back in August… Just saying.

You know that IE9 ad that makes it seem amazing? Well, there’s an alternate version that’s a little more honest about the browser’s performance.

Remember that Hercules Check glitch in NHL13? EA Sports says they meant to do that.

And for no real reason, here’s the Castle opening credits redone in Firefly style. I kinda wonder if the only people who watch that show are holdovers from Strictly Come Dancing and Firefly fans.

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