Saturday Link-Off: Pre-E3

Never fear. Jackie will be here. Just not today. He’ll have the Entertainment Link-Off tomorrow. Next will be a big one on the blog because it’s both E3 and Canadian Grand Prix weeks. How will we be disappointed with the E3 announcements this time? But don’t worry, Lindsay Ellingson never disappoints.

Ten years after Ken Caminiti admitted to using steroids, which started the PED witch hunt in baseball, Tom Verducci looks at some players’ choices whether to juice or not. (Sports Illustrated)

We’ve all heard of the McLaren F1. It’s the classic 90s hyper car which does over 240 MPH. Well, its designer, Gordon Murray, is back with a micro car which is smaller than a Smart car, gets 96 miles per gallon and does over 100 MPH. It’s probably the future of affordable driving. (Bloomberg)

Windows 8 is nearing release. The Release Preview edition shows that Microsoft has a complete game changer on their hands this time. (Engadget)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Aftermath

Back to back days with me? Bonus! Okay, nobody else is excited about back-to-back Steve. Maybe I can make up for it with Lindsay Ellingson. If there was such a thing as an underrated Victoria’s Secret angel, it would be her.

The NFL schedule came out last week. Since the NFL has a pretty rigid scheduling protocol, you’d think it would be pretty easy to put together a schedule. However, scheduling a 16-game schedule for 32 teams is a total nightmare. (New York Times)

Buzz Bissinger, one of my favourite sports writers, is allowed to cash in every now and then. He’s doing a follow-up book called “After Friday Night Lights.” Here’s an excerpt. (Grantland)

WWE announcers often like to refer to crowds who don’t follow the script as “bizarre.” However, crowds cheering and booing against the WWE’s wishes are becoming more the norm than the exception. (The Classical)

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Man Lab Showdown: Lindsay Ellingson vs. Erin Heatherton

Today’s Man Lab Showdown takes us back to Victoria’s Secret again. In our July showdown, we had legendary Angels Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel. This time, we have two of Victoria’s Secrets new angels facing off in one of our epic showdowns. In one corner is Lindsay Ellingson. She’s Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angel, having signed in 2011, but has been with VS on and off since 2006. Erin Heatherton has been an Angel since 2010 but only been appearing for VS since 2008. These two are the new faces of Victoria’s Secret but which will be top dog after the old guard retires.

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