Wednesday Link-Off: Abandon Ship

brie-and-nikki-bella-twins-muscleandfitness16-02Republicans are abandoning ship over Donald Trump’s sexist comments. It took many of them this long to come to grips with the fact that he doesn’t represent them. It makes me wonder if there is a baseline of racism, xenophobia and misogyny that’s tolerable but at least bragging about sexual assault is a place where the line is drawn. How about being a Russian sympathizer? 

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we’re doing the links. Since Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer, let’s kick off with WWE stars Brie and Nikki Bella.

Donald Trump claimed to know nothing about Russia but he’s sure doing a good job of reading Russian propaganda at rallies. (Newsweek)

A US Intelligence official says that Donald Trump is fully aware of Russia’s hack of the Democrats and their intentions to influence the election. So why would he deny it? (NBC News)

The question has been asked about whether WikiLeaks is acting intentionally or unintentionally working for Russian interests. Now, Julian Assange has become a key part of the Trump campaign strategy. (Bloomberg)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Debate Fallout

minka-kelly-huntwatch16-02So the first US Presidential debate lived up to everything that it was promised to be. It was one steel chair or fight away from being an episode of Monday Night War or Jerry Springer. It might have been the most unique debate in democratic history. It makes the debate on Community between Magnitude and Leonard look like a battle of political heavyweights.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Minka Kelly.

When you set the bar too low, it’s easy for someone to claim victory in a debate. The Conservative Party of Canada infamously said that Justin Trudeau would succeed in the Canadian electoral debate if he wore pants to it. He’s now Prime Minister. The goal for Donald Trump was to appear somewhat Presidential. He was standard Trump. (The New Yorker)

The lie score from the first presidential debate is 34 to 4 in favour, if you want to call it that, of Donald Trump. (Toronto Star)

The score among voters is that Clinton won the debate by a score of 51% to 40%. The other 9% are still rooting for the asteroid. (Public Policy Polling)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Home Stretch

All three US Presidential debates are done and now we wait for people to vote. With any luck, they won’t all vote for tax cuts for the 1% and tax hikes for the middle class (i.e. voting Romney). Anyway, let’s kick off with Canadian actress Emily VanCamp.

The third Presidential election debate was on Monday. The pundits are in agreement that President Obama took home a solid win. (Daily Kos)

Now that the debates are behind us, what did we learn from them? (Washington Post)

Some reporters make their names during elections. Here’s a look at some of the young journalists who have come to prominence during this election cycle. (iPolitics)

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Sunday Link-Off: Millions of Dollars, Millions of Lies

Just to show how up-to-date we are, we have links about the last debate the day before the next Presidential election debate. But before we get to the links, making an all too rare appearance on the blog, here’s Alessandra Ambrosio who was selected to model this year’s multi-million dollar Victoria’s Secret bra. I wonder if Ann Romney owns any of those?

Like I said in my last linkdump, we’d have to wait for proper debate breakdowns. So let’s start with this analysis of Obama’s bounce-back performance in the second debate. (The Daily Beast)

Fact check time! In 41 minutes of talking, Mitt Romney lied 31 times which outpaced his lies per minute rate from the first debate. (Think Progress)

One of the big memes to come from the debate was Mitt Romney’s binders full of women. However, rather than becoming a meme, that statement should be used as a jumping off point for Romney’s apparent lack of interest in women’s issues like pay equity and women’s rights. (The Guardian)

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Sunday Link-Off: Save Big Bird

Just after I say that I was backing up the posting time on Sunday linkdumps to avoid F1 race start times, they do a flyaway race with a 2:00 AM EDT start. Anyway, let’s start off the newly regularly scheduled Sunday Link-Off with Erin Heatherton.

David Frum examines the reasons why everyone declared Obama the loser of the first Presidential debate. Shockingly, little of it had to do with politics. (The Daily Beast)

Ezra Klien looks at how Romney’s previous complete vagueness about his platform aided his victory in the debate. (Washington Post)

Jonathan Chait just gets to the point with his debate analysis. Romney just lied his way to the win. (New York Magazine)

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