Sunday Link-Off: Let’s Go Racing

Before today’s F1 season finale let’s get the Sunday links out of the way. Let’s kick these off with Erin Heatherton, one of the up and comers at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

We’ve finally got a (new) release date for Gran Turismo 5. It’s on November 24 so you’ve got 10 days to either pre-order or camp out to get it. (Kotaku)

And since this sort of stuff is important with Gran Turismo games, here’s the complete car and track lists for the game. (Jalopnik)

This might not have anything to do with GT5 but it’s a live musical performance by Jimmy McMillan. Why? Because the rent is too damn high. (Urlesque)

After the jump, more video game links, the evil MLB YouTube police and the easiest way to get your beer.

Ever wonder how you could figure out who wrote a sports column just based on the words used? Well, some eggheads at Harvard have done just that with Jason Whitlock, Bill Simmons and Rick Reilly. Naturally, Rick’s words favourite words aren’t sports-centric. (The Big Lead)

In case you haven’t heard, the Miami Heat have yet to win an NBA title with The Three Kings. (Sports Pickle)

While we all seem to run into trouble with videos being pulled off YouTube, there’s one company that’s worse than the others for having their videos pulled. That would be Major League Baseball. They have a whole team devoted to getting YouTube videos pulled. (Crossing Broad)

The Lingerie Football League wants to go to Oklahoma City but the mayor isn’t so keen on it. Public satanic rituals, on the other hand, are just fine. (Out of Bounds)

Last Sunday, the Buffalo Bills played their annual game in Toronto. Even though it was their best game of the season, it was the worst attended regular season game in the three-year history of the Bills in Toronto series. Rogers wants to extend the deal but it’s not worth it. (Business Insider)

If you follow Jackie on Twitter, he dropped this link on Thursday. MacLean’s looked at the increase of students ducking away from certain universities because they can’t compete with the Asian population. (MacLean’s) Well, Jackie was right about one thing. Not all Asians pass on fun for studying. Take him, for example. But that doesn’t mean that they all didn’t whoop my ass.

Ford’s Boss 302 Mustang will feature a second key to unleash more power and performance. Not a fan of gimmicks like that but there’s nothing wrong with more power. (Auto Blog)

A proper scientific study says that we can see into the future… I’m not sure I need to add a joke. (New Scientist)

Comedy writers struck gold with George W. Bush and Sarah Palin but were in trouble with the less easy to mock Obama administration. Well, not if you work for The Onion who have a new feature parody character with Joe Biden. (New York Times)

Legendary newsman Ted Koppel examines the death of traditional news at the hands of the almighty dollar. (Washington Post)

Possibly coming soon to a store near you is ESPN: The XBox 360. (Engadget)

Definitely coming soon to a store near you is Fight Night: Champion. It’s a very new take on the boxing genre by EA Sports and is definitely going to make some waves. (Kotaku)

I know this report is from a tabloid but John Mayer hooking up with another hot celeb certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Even when that celeb is a married TV chef. (Star) Is there anyone famous that he hasn’t banged? What does he have that I don’t, besides crappy music?

Let’s do a couple of galleries. First, since I mentioned the F1 race off the very top, it’s a look at some of the rides and attractions at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. (Top Gear)

And here’s a guide to slightly (or in the case of GTA:SA, not so) X-rated easter eggs in video games. (UGO)

Too lazy to get up for your next beer? Then you need the Shoot-A-Brew.

And here’s the opening video for Gran Turismo 5. It’s a long one but I’m sure it’ll look spectacular on a TV as opposed to filmed on a cellphone.

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