The Table of Alcohol (Infographic)

Depending on where you go to school, university and college students are back to class either this week or next following their winter breaks. Back at UWO, we used to call the first week back “Frost Week.” It was classes during the week and like a return to Frosh Week at night. Of course, any return to the grand days of Frosh Week means that a few drinks will be consumed to help you warm up on those cold winter nights.

That’s where this infographic comes in. It’s the periodic table of cocktails. If you want to know what’s mixed into various cocktails and how strong they are, the table has the answer for you. Continue reading

Man Lab: New Year’s Champagne Cocktails

If there’s one day a year that everyone will be popping open the bubbly, it’s New Year’s Eve. While everyone will be happy drinking champagne (or sparkling wine as it’s properly known if it’s grown outside the Champagne region of France), there’s more that you can do with it than pour from the bottle into a champagne flute.

To shake things up on New Year’s Eve 2011, we’ve dug up some cocktail recipes that include champagne. They require more effort than just pouring from a bottle but I think they’re worth the effort. Continue reading

Holiday Drinking Facts (Infographic)

We all drink over the Christmas season. But for those of us who drink regularly anyway, is drinking at Christmas time any different than the usual? Fortunately, an English gin company has done a survey and put together an infographic about how people drink during the holidays. If Christmas doesn’t bring us all together, then alcohol will. Continue reading

Man Lab: Ten Manliest Cocktails 2011

It’s time for Christmas parties around the world. One thing is consistent among all parties: Everyone but the DD and the wait staff is drunk. However, it’s not exactly in fashion to down beer after beer. Unfortunately, beer is the staple of male alcoholic beverage consumption.

So it’s back to our Man Lab to help you figure out what you should drink at your fancy Christmas functions. Following up on our list from last year, here is our updated list of the top ten manliest drinks that aren’t beer or wine. Continue reading

Man Lab: How to Survive Oktoberfest (Infographic)

If there’s one thing that we love here at the Man Lab, it’s a good brew. And there are few places better to get your drink on than at your local Oktoberfest. Now it’s very easy to roll up to Oktoberfest and drink lots of beer only to fall flat on your face in a pile of your own vomit. But our friends at Accredited Online Colleges have some tips to keep you going for a long time in the tents and a few more planning tips to get you through Oktoberfest. Continue reading

NFL Week 2 Drinking Game

If there’s one thing that goes perfectly with the #1 most watched sport in America, it’s alcohol. But one disappointing thing I found in Week 1 of the 2011 NFL season was a lack of drinking games that covered specific games. There were a couple of generic drinking games floating around the internet but nothing that covered the specifics of the games I was watching. So as an experiment, here is my take on an NFL drinking games with special rules for each game and each network. Continue reading

Man Lab: Why Do You Get Hangovers?

For once, the Man Lab is here to do some practical science stuff for you guys. Today, we take a look at the science of hangovers. At first glance, it seems as simple as drink too much and you get a pounding headache in the morning. But that first sip of alcohol starts you on a slippery slope that drags you toward a rough next morning.

So let’s take a look at why who you wake up to isn’t the only thing you regret after a night out. Continue reading