Man Lab: New Year’s Champagne Cocktails

If there’s one day a year that everyone will be popping open the bubbly, it’s New Year’s Eve. While everyone will be happy drinking champagne (or sparkling wine as it’s properly known if it’s grown outside the Champagne region of France), there’s more that you can do with it than pour from the bottle into a champagne flute.

To shake things up on New Year’s Eve 2011, we’ve dug up some cocktail recipes that include champagne. They require more effort than just pouring from a bottle but I think they’re worth the effort. Continue reading


Man Lab: Ten Manliest Cocktails 2011

It’s time for Christmas parties around the world. One thing is consistent among all parties: Everyone but the DD and the wait staff is drunk. However, it’s not exactly in fashion to down beer after beer. Unfortunately, beer is the staple of male alcoholic beverage consumption.

So it’s back to our Man Lab to help you figure out what you should drink at your fancy Christmas functions. Following up on our list from last year, here is our updated list of the top ten manliest drinks that aren’t beer or wine. Continue reading