Wednesday Link-Off: Canada Day Hangover

anais-pouliot-urbanoutfitters14-16Well, I was able to scramble together the usual Canada Day post on the blog. I had to do it at the expense of the IndyCar recap so expect that later in the week. I’m thinking it’ll be on Friday so there’ll be room for the usual F1 Power Rankings on Thursday. And hopefully I can pull that all off without adding more grey to my hair.

Anyway, it’s the day after Canada Day so to ease you back into the week, I have some lovely links for you. But first, let’s start with the lovely Anais Pouliot.

A new document leak from Edward Snowden says that all but four countries are subject to NSA surveillance. Those four countries are Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For once, I don’t think you can blame Canada. (End the Lie)

Did you know that Facebook has been playing around with your newsfeed to manipulate your mood? It might be legal but, like most Facebook doings, it’s shady. (The Atlantic)

I don’t know if this officially qualifies as an irony but the co-founders of Tinder, an app designed to facilitate hook-ups and one night stands, are being sued for sexual harassment. (BuzzFeed)

Normally, you wouldn’t think of priests as wealthy but here are eight priests whose net worth is over 200 times greater than the people who attend their churches. (Atlanta Black Star)

Open internet? Not if the World Cup’s American broadcasters have anything to say about it. They’re trying to stop short video snippets and GIFs of goals from being publicized on social media. (Wall Street Journal)

Speaking of World Cup broadcasters, the breakout stars of this World Cup might be ESPN podcasters, Men in Blazers. (New York Times)

As his team rolls on to the Round of 8, here’s a statistical look at why Lionel Messi is the best player in the world. (FiveThirtyEight)

So you’re a millionaire with a lot of spare time. What do you do with all this time on your hands? You become a top-level professional soccer referee and ref the World Cup. (Sydney Morning Herald)

When you’re looking for a career renaissance, sometimes you make it happen yourself and sometimes, it stumbles into a bar for you. For ex-ESPNers Jay Mariotti and Sean Salisbury, a chance encounter in a Beverly Hills hotel and a camera phone helped them get back in the door. (Deadspin)

It’s a bit late for Canada Day but here’s a unique look at Canada in 22 maps. (MacLean’s)

To celebrate Canada Day, Epic Meal Time did a special Canada-themed burger in honour of one of Canada’s greatest Canadians, Bret “Hitman” Hart.

And back to the World Cup for a moment. Internet darling Katie Nolan is on a pub tour for Fox Sports 1. The problem with pub tours is drunk patrons. Katie found out first hand.


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