Wednesday Link-Off: Back to Business

jennifer-garner-allure13-01I’m back on duty with the Wednesday links. I’m trying to do up a Fan Expo experience post for the end of the week but I can’t guarantee it. If not this week, definitely next week. There are definitely some things that happen that don’t go mainstream so I’m planning to tell those tales.

In the meantime, since we have a new Batman, here’s Jennifer Garner.

We might write-off moronic statements by politicians as pandering to their base but in other countries, they take these statements seriously. In Egypt, moronic statements are undermining America’s influence in the country during its unrest. (MSNBC)

The Republican’s game of political chicken with Obamacare could make or break their electoral chances. The only problem is that they have a tall order ahead of them convincing the electorate that Obamacare won’t work when it sounds like a great idea. (The Week)

Here’s a theory I’ve never heard before. Did Bobby Riggs throw his tennis match against Billie Jean King at the mafia’s orders. (Outside the Lines)

As part of their probably illegal spying program, the NYPD has a classic yellow cab outfitted to spy on its occupants. (Gawker)

Just for different, here’s biography of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. (Business Insider)

A report says that the Houston Astros’ tanking has helped them become the most profitable team in baseball. (Forbes)

Keith Olbermann is back on ESPN and his new show is pretty good. (Deadspin)

NASCAR gets a lot of complaints about its content but most of the complaints are about boner pills and GoDaddy. (Jalopnik)

You may not instantly recognize the name but in some circles, gossip website Media Takeout is just as feared as TMZ. (GQ)

Could the infamous Page 3 of Britain’s The Sun newspaper not be long for this world? (The Economist)

Donald Trump is being sued by the state of New York over alleged lies perpetrated by Trump University. (Business Insider)

Universal Orlando has opened their Springfield area. It didn’t turn out too badly. (Inside the Magic)

Hank and Marie had the same reaction as everyone else to Miley Cyrus at he VMAs.

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