Sunday Link-Off: The Big Prize

jennifer-garner-vanityfair16-02Did you come here looking for Oscars coverage? Well, here’s Magary’s annual Hater’s Guide to the Oscars. The most of the rest of this post will be about politics. After all, when you have people battling it out to be the leader of the free world (that isn’t Angela Merkel), it’s kind of the fight for the real big prize.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Jennifer Garner.

Who ordered Flint to switch to water from the Flint River? It doesn’t look like Flint City Council did. (M Live)

Here’s the first I’ve heard of this frighteningly apt comparison. Donald Trump is quite a bit like former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. (Quartz)

About 38% of Florida voters think that Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer. I give up on this election… And the electorate. (UPI)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Back to Business

jennifer-garner-allure13-01I’m back on duty with the Wednesday links. I’m trying to do up a Fan Expo experience post for the end of the week but I can’t guarantee it. If not this week, definitely next week. There are definitely some things that happen that don’t go mainstream so I’m planning to tell those tales.

In the meantime, since we have a new Batman, here’s Jennifer Garner.

We might write-off moronic statements by politicians as pandering to their base but in other countries, they take these statements seriously. In Egypt, moronic statements are undermining America’s influence in the country during its unrest. (MSNBC)

The Republican’s game of political chicken with Obamacare could make or break their electoral chances. The only problem is that they have a tall order ahead of them convincing the electorate that Obamacare won’t work when it sounds like a great idea. (The Week)

Here’s a theory I’ve never heard before. Did Bobby Riggs throw his tennis match against Billie Jean King at the mafia’s orders. (Outside the Lines)

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Sunday Link-Off: Under Control

We’ve reached the end of another week. Shockingly, I didn’t freeze to death here in Canada. The week before last was above zero and most of the snow melted. From Thursday through to last night, I’d say I’ve seen about a foot-and-a-half of snow. Why the hell did anyone establish a permanent settlement somewhere so cold and snowy? Anyway, let’s heat things up with Jennifer Garner.

President Obama signed his executive orders on gun control that Congress will eventually veto because the NRA has intimidated what little common sense remains in the Republican Party. Anyhow, here’s a look at what Obama’s proposal includes. (Think Progress)

Shootings in America aren’t just a mass shooting problem. In the month after Newtown, 919 people were killed by guns. (National Post)

It’s only four years after Barack Obama made history by becoming the first black President in United States history. However, just by looking at him, you couldn’t tell that it’s been only four years. (Washington Post)

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