Wednesday Link-Off: Two Sides to Every Border

emily-ratajkowski-oceandrive14-02There are lots of big news stories on both sides of the border. In Canada, Tim Horton’s is going to become quasi-American which is worse than us burning down the White House. Meanwhile America is still going through problems with police and media dealing with black men, especially when it comes to Ferguson, Missouri.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s start with the return of Emily Ratajkowski.

The New York Times’ article about Michael Brown and their portrayal of him in said article shows the problem with how black men are portrayed by the American media. (Mic)

While Deadspin looks into police killing data, D. Brian Burghart has already attempted to do so himself. He’s found it quite hard to gather objective data but has come up with a few conclusions that should surprise no one. (Gawker)

We all have this romanticized vision of the undercover cop and spy. However, the sentiment isn’t so romantic when you’re the one being had by an undercover cop. Here’s the tale of an undercover cop who walked out on his fake family. (The New Yorker)

It’s time for us to cover the biggest news in the history of Canada. Tim Horton’s and Burger King are merging in a $12 billion deal. (The Globe and Mail)

The state of your polling mate. As we quickly close in on US midterm elections, there are concerns about the electoral polling industry. (FiveThirtyEight)

You’d never guess what might be the most valuable market to McDonald’s investors right now. Well, you will when you see that the URL for this link says “France” in it. (Business Insider)

With two disasters already during the year, Malaysia Airlines has seen a massive drop in business during the year. (Mashable)

The World Health Organization thinks that indoor use of e-cigarettes should be banned until everyone can figure out the consequences of second-hand e-smoke. (BBC News)

The University of Ottawa hockey team was shut down for the season because a couple of its players were investigated (and later charged) for sexual assault. Isn’t this unfairly condemning everyone, even if they didn’t play a role? (The Globe and Mail)

Not everyone can be the best in a sport but you have a far better chance of being the 32nd best in their sport. So what’s the pay difference between the best and the #32 man. (Wall Street Journal)

Bah gawd! This is the most violent, heinous and dangerous wrestling video that you’ll ever see in your entire life.


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