Wednesday Link-Off: Those Guys Have All The Fun

I’m back to cover the Wednesday links after taking Sunday off. Let’s make up for my absence with Adriana Lima.

The ESPN book called Those Guys Have All The Fun drops next week. As a teaser, an excerpt about ex-SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann dropped early. (GQ)

Speaking of books, KSK and Deadspin’s Drew Magary has a novel dropping this August. Here’s an interview with the author/blogger about books/blogs… And swearing. They also talk about Drew swearing. (Son of Bold Venture)

Did you know it’s been 10 years since the XFL closed up shop? Here’s a look at how Vince McMahon’s foray into football influenced today’s NFL. (Sports Business Daily)

After the jump, the World Beard Championship, the best Bin Laden porn titles and the greatest Arnie lines.

Apparently there’s a World Beard Championship. Sadly, my beard isn’t anywhere near that good. (With Leather)

Manchester United won their 19th English league title over the weekend. To celebrate, Wayne Rooney shaved his chest hair. (Cosby Sweaters)

The space shuttle Endeavor is currently on its last mission before retirement. So here’s a quick look at how it actually gets into space. (Gizmodo)

The internet blew up slightly when news broke that Osama bin Laden had porn at his Pakistani compound. Naturally, Twitter doesn’t pass up a good joke opportunity. Here’s the best of #BinLadenPornTitles. (Uproxx)

Executives from Goldman Sachs went to Congress and lied to a Senate committee about their role in the recession that crippled the American economy. Now, it’s time for them to pay the piper. (Rolling Stone)

Who would’ve thought of Sarah Palin as a tragic figure… Well, maybe people who say the spoof porno and realized Lisa Ann looks amazing compared to Palin. Anyway, here’s a profile that paints Palin as a tragic character. (The Atlantic)

Here’s a post that I think will inspire a post a little later on. It’s the 20 ugliest officially licensed MLB caps. (Baseball Nation)

Think that typos are limited to office memos? Well, sports graphics are also prone to typos which are embarrassed on a national level. (Sports TV Jobs)

And since I don’t think any of us mentioned the NBA playoffs so far, here is a token post about chain restaurants NBA stars frequent. (The Daily Meal)

What do college baseball players do during rain delay? Joust!

Since Arnie announced he’s getting a divorce this week, here are the 160 greatest Schwarzenegger quotes.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Link-Off: Those Guys Have All The Fun

  1. Appreciate the link to our article on Sports Grpahics Typos (see what I did there) – the thrill of being next to Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes and Bin Laden porn titles really made my month. No seriously – that wasn’t sarcasm – it really did make me happy.

    cool site, enjoyed reading…


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