Wednesday Link-Off: Time Off

adriana-lima-gigi-hadid-nyfw15-01After a weekend off to get incredibly drunk and surprisingly less hungover than I was expecting, I’m back to do the links. The sad thing is that I’m not really sure how much I missed in the world of news. It feels like nothing happened and yet I somehow ended up for more links than usual. Whatever works, I guess.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with personal favourite Adriana Lima and up and coming model Gigi Hadid.

Looking for strategic voting info. There’s a site for that. (Anyone But Harper)

Former Prime Minister Jean Cretien spit hot fire about Stephen Harper. (CBC News)

Paul Watson’s report on the search for the Franklin Expedition by the Canadian government was published. It has a lot of info about the inner workings of the search and the Canadian government. (BuzzFeed)

An executive at St. Michael’s Hospital is under investigation for attempting to defraud York University. (The Globe and Mail)

In the span of two months, the percentage of people who believe that local officials should be forced to issue marriage license to same-sex couples despite religious beliefs went from 49% to 74%. Thanks, Kim Davis. (Politico)

In his novel The Postmortal, Drew Magary examined what might happen to society if death is cured. Well, that may not be fiction forever and society might crumble if it does come true. (Bloomberg)

What happens to unused funds from a discontinued Presidential campaign? One Rick Perry donor is trying to get his $5 million contribution back. (Politico)

You’ve probably heard a lot about daily fantasy sports pools for money. If you think you’re going to sign up to become one of their touted fantasy sports millionaires, don’t hold your breath. (BusinessWeek)

Coaches are getting concerned that the skill gap between young quarterbacks and the veterans is getting far too wide since the rookies are lacking in important cognitive skills. (Wall Street Journal)

Apparently runners are nuts. (Vice Sports)

In a feature that was probably supposed to hype the now-delayed launch of Uncharted 4, here’s a look at video game star Nolan North. (Grantland)


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