Entertainment Link-Off: Looks Do Kill

The fall TV season has just begun as the CW kicked off its schedule earlier this week with the launch of the new shows Hellcats and Nikita. The former is more of a bland Bring It On knock-off and the latter is a rehash of the 1990 French film and the 1997 TV series. That being said, Nikita was surprisingly entertaining. It might not have brought anything new to the table, but the action sequences are superb and the storyline isn’t bad at all. I suppose it also helps that it stars the amazingly hot Maggie Q.

After the jump Bruce Campbell wants to make an all-star horror movie, a look at ‘jumping the shark’, NBC has given up on Chuck, At the Movies return, someone takes a watermelon to the face, a hot new Tron Legacy banner, Chris Klein’s ridiculously bad acting, having a mistress is a bad idea and Joseph Gordon-Levitt feels like having a bad romance.

Could movies be doomed now that television seems to be making a bigger social impact than the blockbusters of the summer? (NY Times)

Zombies are the new vampires!!! Well… minus the sexiness part. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Bruce Campbell wants to make an “Expendables”-like horror movie! Yes please! (Screenrant)

A fun read for everyone out there. The screenwriter who wrote the episode of Happy Days when Harry “The Fonz” Winkler jumped the shark defends the episode that he wrote and how it didn’t really set off the demise of the show. (LA Times)

Well here’s a show that jumped the shark: Heroes! After the brilliant season 1, the show went downhill and never recovered. When it was canned back in May, there was a glimmer of hope for a 2 hour series finale to wrap things up. It appears now that the show will just stay dead. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s Chuck vs. The Event!!! On September 27th, the brilliant minds at NBC Universal thought it would be good idea to provide counter programming to Chuck at 8 pm by airing The Event repeat on its cable networks Syfy, Oxygen, Bravo, Sleuth, Chiller and Universal HD. Would it make a difference in the ratings? Probably not, but it sure does give a good indication about NBC’s faith in our favourite Nerd Herder. (TV by the Numbers)

Everything looks cooler with Lego! That includes Inception! (Slashfilm)

Forget about the Toronto International Film Festival that’s going on right now because the Tokyo Film Festival will get dibs to 30 minutes of Tron Legacy!!! (Collider)

The new banner for Tron Legacy will turn a few heads. Why? It’s because it features the one and only Olivia Wilde. (Coming Soon)

While we’re on the topic of Tron Legacy,  a new video sneak peek at the movie. It’s mostly stuff we’ve seen already with a few new moments. (Latino Review)

Not news of the week. James Franco is not gay and he also doesn’t do weed. It’s just acting. Got it? Good! (Advocate)

So much for At the Movies being dead and gone, it seems like Roger Ebert has decided to bring back the show on public television! I haven’t quite made up my mind about the pairing of Christy Lemire and Elvis Mitchell, but based on the sampler pilot, it seems fine for now. (Chicago Sun Times)

We all know KevJumba and his dad are taking part in The Amazing Race that’s premiering later this month. Need another amazing reason to see the next installment of The Amazing Race? How about watching a contestant take a watermelon to the face? (CBS Twitvid)

Nikita premiered to fairly decent numbers on Thursday night, staying on par with the previous timeslot holder Supernatural. For the show to survive, it will have to hold onto a good portion of those that tuned in for the pilot. The fairly warm reception from the audience and critics will certainly help the show’s survival. Also, I’m sure that an iPad premiere to launch this spy action drama helps as well. (Beehive City)

Perhaps it’s no surprise Nikita snagged decent numbers given that the female audience is now demanding more blood and action instead of shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy or Gossip Girl. (Wall Street Journal)

Maggie Q is not the only female action star kicking butt out there, she’s in good company. Youtube videos included! (PopEater)

For every hit, the CW is bound to find a dud. Here’s top 5 reasons why you need to avoid Hellcats. (The TV Addict)

There are many lessons that movies can teach you. One of them is to never have a mistress. Why? Because things can end very badly. So here’s 10 reasons to never have a mistress on the side. (JoBlo)

Resident Evil: Afterlife was not screened for critics (not surprisingly). In fact, this zombie action franchise has never scored a fresh Tomatometer rating and it looks like this one won’t crack it despite having original director Paul W.S. Anderson back at the helm. Resident Evil flicks aren’t anything special. They’re just a huge montage of Milla Jovovich holding guns in different ways and shooting people. The latest one is no different. (Entertainment Weekly)

I can’t believe it! Amanda Bynes has decided to retire again… except this time, it’s from Twitter! Alright folks, now it’s time to bet on how long it would take her to return from the social networking site and start tweeting about her pending retirement again! (Entertainment Weekly)

From the few Chris Klein movies that I have seen over the years, I have never really considered him to be a horrible actor. However, the man’s been on a career free fall just like M. Night Shyamalan. I’ve never seen Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (despite the fact that the gorgeous Kristen Kreuk is in it) since it looked pretty bad. If the story was not good to begin with, wait til you see Chris Klein’s acting! He puts the epic fail in acting right here. (Filmdrunk)

It all started in 1984. This syndicated game show is hosted by Alex Trebek. Answer: “What is Jeopardy?” That’s the one! The long running show is now reaching a new milestone: it’s 6000th episode! (The Wrap)

Let’s cap off the ELO with some Youtube videos that involve singing. First up is the a capella dubbed version of the Inception trailer. It is a brilliant concept, however I find myself cracking up everytime the dude attempts the low thunderous “BRAAAAHM” part.


It’s time for Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing covers part deux. First time he felt like a ‘Natural Woman’ and now he’s looking for a ‘Bad Romance’. If you’re a fan of either JGL or Lady Gaga, you’re going to dig this video. The man even takes a brief moment to defend the artistic integrity of Lady Gaga’s music and he made a very good point.


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