Sunday Link-Off: Hit and Miss

Steve is off again this week to escape his hometown and enjoy some city life, so it’s Jackie here again to destroy your Sunday Link-Off. Kicking off this entry are the ladies of Sucker Punch.

After the jump, the Washington Capitals are #winning, religion is dying, sex is a risky activity, Facebook happy birthday messages translated and Chuck Bartowski is the greatest American hero.

Cashing in on the Charlie Sheen phenomenon, the Washington Capitals decided to go with a shirt that uses Sheen’s favourite catchphrase “winning”. However, these are only available for a short time period, so get it while you can. Let’s hope that limited run doesn’t quite translate to their playoff experience this year… (Yahoo)

Religion is dying and may become extinct in nine nations… oh look Canada is one of them! (BBC)

Apparently having sex increases the risk of a heart attack. So the question is would you give up sex just to be safe or just simply die a happy man? (CNN)

When someone’s birthday arrives, that person’s Facebook wall would be littered with tons of ‘happy birthday’ messages. Of course these happy birthday messages have hidden meaning to them and this pretty much helps you decode them all. (Guyism)

Public service announcements tend to be used to deliver important messages to the public; however most are generally ignored. Perhaps the best way to snag some attention is to do these PSAs via a Star Wars theme. (College Humor)

Most delusion Leafs fans might think they still got a shot at the Stanley Cup this year. So… what can you say about a Leafs fan that actually wants to own the franchise? (The Toronto Star)

Perhaps the people just aren’t getting it, so Zack Snyder decided to take the opportunity to explain Sucker Punch. Spoilers ahead. (io9)

Ever wonder why certain friends are closer together than others? Perhaps the secret to it all is to find out what each others’ triggers are! (Association for Psychological Science)

An office accessory must have – the eye of Sauron! There’s nothing like going to work to be creeped out all day! (The Technology Studio)

This sounds like a Top Gear challenge waiting to happen… building a car out of trash and spare parts. A homeless man in Brazil just pulled that off. (Jalopnik)

Let’s continue our campaign to get Chuck back for a fifth season! In the meantime, a nice video giving a tribute to the greatest American hero… Chuck Bartowski.

I’ve always been a fan of what Freddie Wong can come up with and this time it’s first person Mario!

Soccer celebration fail. Who would have thought you need to be taken off the field by a stretcher from this?

Already shared this in last week’s Entertainment Link-Off, but it doesn’t hurt to throw this in again. In a desert not so far away, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost tries to recreate a scene from Star Wars. Hilarity ensues.


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