Entertainment Link-Off: Smooth Sailing

The movie Charlie St. Cloud isn’t tracking very well at the moment and is looking to a decent sized opening weekend at the box office (I guess the teenage girls aren’t flocking to the theatres for this one). Meanwhile people are heading back to the theatres to watch Inception again or perhaps check out the new comedy Dinner for Schmucks. Anyway, back to Charlie St. Cloud. This supernatural romantic drama stars Zac Efron and the lovely Canadian actress Amanda Crew.

After the jump, alien invasion is the next big thing in Hollywood, more Inception related links, Sofia Vergara will run down Sunset Blvd. naked (maybe), Kevin Smith brings together geeks in love at Comic-Con and Joshua Jackson held a convention of his own last weekend.

Old Spice Guy getting plenty of gigs lately thanks to those awesome commercials. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Alien invasion movies and television series are the new fad. Seriously, why does everyone in Hollywood converge on a single idea instead of exploring things out there. First vampires, now this. (LA Times)

In anticipation of The Expendables, let’s take a look back at the manliest movies. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Len Wiseman killed the Die Hard franchise, so now it’s time to ruin a classic sci-fi film. (Slashfilm)

If you’re wondering what that non-Comic-Con friendly 10 minute clip from Piranha 3D looked like, it’s finally leaked online. It’s definitely gory. NSFW. (Moviefone)

In other Comic-Con related footage, how about a look at The Other Guys? The clip is actually filled with jokes and gags -not- used in the movie. It’s good for some laughs and will provide you a good idea of what the actual film will be like. (The Sun)

The producer behind Tron Legacy breaks down clues from the new trailer. (io9)

Hans Zimmer explains the Inception score. (Slashfilm)

Another infographic to help you piece together Inception. (Dehahs @ DeviantArt)

People are left speculating what really happened in Inception after the ending cut off ‘abruptly’. Well speculate no more, allow the extended ending to help answer your burning question… or not. (College Humor)

Inception is already becoming an instant classic. Perhaps Christopher Nolan did plant an idea into our heads. It might have nothing to do with the movie. In fact, the idea revolves around making Inception mashups with other films out there! (Moviefone)

I don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea, but someone at Sony Pictures thought it would release a nice teaser clip for Battle: Los Angeles. In true teaser form, it is short… but perhaps a bit too short. It’s only 4 seconds long. (Slashfilm)

If you’re wondering why there’s no Ant-Man in The Avengers, Edgar Wright explains. (Cinema Blend)

Based on this study, it seems like Comic-Con is detrimental to generating buzz about upcoming films, with a few exceptions. Comic-Con 2010 may have provided a nice big boost to Sucker Punch and a small boost for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. (Collider) Take the info with a grain of salt because the Sucker Punch trailer was released earlier this week which would explain the increase in activity.

Speaking of the Sucker Punch trailer, take a look at it here. (Apple)

Take a look at some awesome Sucker Punch art that was available at the Con while Zack and Debbie Snyder talk about the upcoming fantasy action film. (io9)

Starcraft II is out now, but let’s take a look into the future and see what’s in store for the next Starcraft game. (Kotaku)

Here’s a press interview with Amanda Crew as she talks about her latest movie Charlie St. Cloud, sailing, favourite Canadian location and upcoming projects. (Collider) There’s also a brief note on the cancelled Canadian series Whistler. Sadly, I was one of the few viewers who tuned into that show.

She also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel lately to promote the film and it was quite the funny interview. After hearing the slogan for Langley BC, I’m sure you’d be interested in going there yourself. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Amanda Crew was also present at the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World premiere to show some support for the cast and film. I think it would be nice if the rest of us would do the same on opening weekend. Anyway, over at Hit Fix, they have a list of 6 reasons why Scott Pilgrim will save your summer (video clips included!) (Hit Fix)

Definitely one of the bigger mysteries out there in the television world. Dawn Ostroff is the longest serving network president yet somehow The CW is on a constant downward spiral. The big news this year: she doesn’t care about ratings anymore. Yes, the network is certainly improving. (Deadline)

It’s time to start that Emmy campaign for Modern Family. Kicking it off with a Q&A with one of the actors of the show, the awesome Phil Dunphy, I mean Ty Burrell. (Deadline)

Better yet, let Modern Family win Outstanding Comedy at the Emmys and Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd. Beware of the footnote though. (Zap2it)

In another effort to boost ratings or just to stay alive against The Big Bang Theory, Community adds Drew Carey to its guest star list. (Movieline)

With a father known as Morpheus, would you really need to break into the Hollywood circle by making a porn film? Apparently the answer is yes as Laurence Fishburne’s daughter decided to do it. (Pop Eater)

Let’s kick off the video portion of the post with a “awww shucks”/”that’s so cute” moment. Well you read about Ryan Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern Oath and signing a Green Lantern book for the little boy during the Q&A session, but now you can see it for yourself!


Gotta love it when geeks are in love. There’s nothing like a marriage proposal in the middle of the Kevin Smith panel at Comic Con 2010. Plenty of crude humour and language, but what do you expect? It’s Kevin Smith after all.


Thanks to the release of Dinner for Schmucks this weekend, Steve Carrell drops by Zach Galifianakis’ show Between Two Ferns for another hilarious installment.

While everyone may be preoccupied with the celebrations of Comic-Con, there’s another convention that went on last weekend and it involved Pacey Witter of Dawson’s Creek. Let’s take a look at Pacey-Con and see how it all went down last weekend.

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