Wednesday Link-Off: Do or Do Not…

This weekend was my annual trip to a NASCAR race so I missed this week’s SLO. I’ve got plenty of links to power through. But first here’s Eva Mendes. She could do better than her previous sex tape.

Here is one of the greatest lists in the history of the galaxy (far, far away). It’s the Top 100 Star Wars characters of all-time (including the Expanded Universe). (IGN)

Top Gear: USA is coming soon to the History Channel. Hopefully, we’ll get it in Canada too. Anyway, for TG fans, here’s a preview of the upcoming season. (Jalopnik)

The English Premier League season just got underway this past weekend. Looking for a team to cheer for? Here’s a list comparing EPL teams to North American sports teams. (FOX Sports)

After the jump, 20 Cent’s revenge, more on Jenny the Dry Erase Board Girl, and 3D’s biggest victory so far. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Nerding It Up

Lowdown Blog readers should know that I usually just base the title of the ELO’s on a certain theme or ‘big ticket item’ of the weekend. Just to clarify, the title of the previous Entertainment Link-Off does not represent my interpretation of the film Inception. However I would like to point out that Inception is indeed a fantastic film, so go out and see it when you get the chance.

Kicking off this entry is Eva Mendes. Apparently she got some teenage boys really excited during The Other Guys panel on Friday.

In this slightly condensed version of the ELO, some additional Comic-Con related links, a nice Inception guide and the rise and fall of 3D movies. Continue reading