Fantasy Racing Advice: March 11 – 13, 2011

Alright, last week’s picks didn’t go so well for me. I ended up 1678th out of 4500 in the Wind Tunnel Super 7 Sweep pool. It was still in the top half of the field but that’s what happens when Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick (in NNS) all lay eggs. This week, the Camping World Truck Series is the only S7S series in action so I’m giving you my team for this week and why I think I’ve got the right team for the job. Continue reading

Fantasy Racing Advice: March 4 – 6, 2011

Since I fancy myself a bit of a fantasy racing guru thanks to a few weekly top ten finishes in Wind Tunnel’s Super 7 Sweep and a top fifty in their Chase for the Championship, I thought I would share my insights and luck with you folks here. Since my primary fantasy series is the Wind Tunnel Super 7 Sweep, I’ll be gearing my advice to that game. That may change if you tell me what some of the more popular games are. Then I can gear my advice to help you out.

For now, here’s my pick for this weekend’s action in motorsports. Continue reading

2010 Chase For The F1 Championship

Last year, I did a hypothetical experiment that looked at what would happen to the F1 title chase if Bernie Ecclestone insisted upon adopting NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup format. With Fernando Alonso coming up one race short of winning the title and Sebastian Vettel coming from third place in the standings to win his first title. So how would this year’s epic World Championship turn out under the NASCAR Chase for the Cup playoff format? I take a look at the 2010 championship, as well as every season dating back to 2003, after the jump. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Full Speed Ahead

Let’s start off with Olivia Munn who has a new sitcom on NBC this fall. More on that in our next Lowdown BlogCast.

The 2010-11 NFL season kicks off on Thursday. So have you ever wondered how your favourite team got its nickname. Here’s the story behind all 32 teams. (Mental Floss)

With the NFL season comes another interesting point. Sports today just don’t seem as good as they were when I was growing up. And here are five reasons that they won’t be as good for my (eventual) kids. (Smoking Section)

Top Gear USA is coming very soon to the History Channel. The latest released clip looks more promising than the last. (Jalopnik) Maybe that CBC Radio show I was listening to should have watched this clip too (or maybe an episode) before writing the show off as a definite failure.

After the jump, the KHL’s best goalie masks, The Situation’s ridiculous salary, and Bollywood’s greatest action scene ever. Continue reading

2010 NASCAR Nationwide Series at Montreal Wrapup

Once a year, the stars of NASCAR travel outside the borders of the United States for a big race. This weekend was the fourth annual NAPA Auto Parts 200 at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The Nationwide Series features some of NASCAR’s biggest stars competing with some stars of the future. Not only were the Nationwide stars there but so were several Canadian heroes like Jacques Villeneuve, Patrick Carpentier, Ron Fellows and Andrew Ranger. So who took the checkered flag? We have a race recap, analysis, results and driver comments after the jump. Continue reading

Two Amazing NASCAR Finishes At Montreal

The good old boys of NASCAR provided not one but two amazing finishes at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve today. The morning excitement was provided by the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series which saw a final turn bump-and-run for the win. The evening’s fun was provided by the main event of the weekend as the NASCAR Nationwide Series saw the race decided by 12-one-thousandths of a second. Continue reading

NASCAR Announces 2011 Sprint Cup Schedule

NASCAR promised to shake things up with their 2011 schedule. The overhauls might be bigger in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series schedules but there are still a fair number of changes to the 2011 Sprint Cup Schedule. There are date changes, a new race in the Chase, and a track that gets its first Sprint Cup race after trying for 10 years. Continue reading

2010 CarFax 400 Wrapup

Twice a year, the stars of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race through the Irish Hills of Michigan at the Michigan International Speedway. Denny Hamlin won the blisteringly fast June race at MIS that saw 400 miles run in just over two-and-a-half hours. On Sunday, 43 drivers took to their cars under the hot southern Michigan sun to battle for supremacy in the heartland of America’s auto industry. Continue reading

2010 CarFax 250 Wrapup

For only the second time, the stars of the NASCAR Nationwide Series strapped into the Nationwide Series next generation car. They were first seen in Daytona for the Fourth of July weekend night race won by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Junior wouldn’t be running at the Michigan International Speedway. That left the door wide open for someone else to take their first win in the new car. This win would be all the more important because of the bragging rights that come from winning in the backyard of the American automotive industry. Continue reading

Top 10 Motorsports Temper Moments

A couple of weeks ago, TSN’s SportsCentre paid homage to Helio Castroneves’ blowup on Izod IndyCar officials at the Honda Edmonton Indy by running a list of the Top 10 meltdowns in sports. While it was entirely appropriate, the problem was that they ran the exact same top ten the week before. If they put in five minutes worth of effort into their segments, they would have found that there are loads of moments in motorsports history where people let their tempers get the best of them.

So to pay proper homage to Helio’s temper getting the best of him (and to tell TSN to bugger off), here is our Top 10 Motorsports Temper Blowup Moments. Continue reading