2010 NASCAR Nationwide Series at Montreal Wrapup

Once a year, the stars of NASCAR travel outside the borders of the United States for a big race. This weekend was the fourth annual NAPA Auto Parts 200 at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The Nationwide Series features some of NASCAR’s biggest stars competing with some stars of the future. Not only were the Nationwide stars there but so were several Canadian heroes like Jacques Villeneuve, Patrick Carpentier, Ron Fellows and Andrew Ranger. So who took the checkered flag? We have a race recap, analysis, results and driver comments after the jump.

@LowdownLive Live Blog

2:40 PM – The command has been given and engines have fired in Montreal for today’s 200 mile NASCAR Nationwide Series race.
[SM: And the command was given in both English and French which was a nice touch.]

2:41 PM – Marcos Ambrose is on pole for today’s race. Jacques Villeneuve starts 2nd. Joey Logano & Carl Edwards are on Row 2.

2:43 PM – Other Canadians in the race: Andrew Ranger (starting 11th), Patrick Carpentier (13th), Ron Fellows (15th)…

2:44 PM – As well as JR Fitzpatrick (17th) and DJ Kennington (30th). Pierre Bourque failed to qualify.

2:45 PM – Of note: Villeneuve’s shifter knob is broken & couldn’t be replaced under NASCAR impound rules. They’ll have to fix it during a pitstop.

2:47 PM – Today’s NNS race is 74 laps for 200 miles. The F1 Canadian GP is only 70 laps and takes 1.5 hours. This’ll be a long one.
[SM: About three-and-a-half hours from green to checkered flag. A bit long for a Nationwide Series race.]

2:49 PM – This wasn’t the only NASCAR race of the day at Montreal. The Canadian Tire Series race was won by Andrew Ranger who dominated the race.
[SM: Amazing finish to that race. As good as this one.]

2:52 PM – Looks like Villeneuve had a spare shifter knob when he got in the car and has fixed it ahead of the green.


2:57 PM – Justin Marks has stopped in a runoff area but it’s still green. Ambrose leads Villeneuve but JV is closing in.

3:02 PM – Caution on Lap 3. There’s debris on the outside of the track in the final chicane.

3:04 PM – And Andrew Ranger is in the garage for repairs & a new radiator. He got collected in an dust-up between Taylor Malsam & Kyle Kelley.
[SM: The debris that caused the caution was apparently from Ranger’s car from this pileup.]

3:14 PM – Back to green on Lap 7. Ambrose has led every lap so far.

3:19 PM – Caution on Lap 8. Alex Kennedy loses it in T3 and takes out Brian Scott. Scott’s driving back to the pits but the back end is gone.

3:27 PM – And back to green on Lap 11. It’s Ambrose, Villeneuve, Edwards, Logano, and Leffler.

3:28 PM – Logano misses the entry to T2, cuts part of the turn and hits Villeneuve on the way back on. Has a LF tire rub.

3:30 PM – Logano pits for tires, fuel and repairs. Top 5 now: Ambrose, Villeneueve, Edwards, Said & Menard.

3:31 PM – Big wreck heading to T5. Five car pileup. Nemechek is stopped across the track. Stenhouse’s hood is bent up covering the windshield.

3:34 PM – Kyle Kelley spun Nemechek. Tony Raines got into the side of Joe. Stenhouse flew in and got into either Raines or Robby Gordon.
[SM: Turns out it was Gordon he hit. Paulie Harraka in the #87 car (Nemechek’s teammate for this race) got into Raines and Front Row Joe.]

3:47 PM – Patrick Carpentier pits and gets fuel and tires. Pitting earlier under this yellow were Edwards, Colin Braun & Steve Wallace.

3:53 PM – Said & Menard stop for fuel and tires. Carpentier, Edwards & Logano top up their fuel. The guys pitting now need only 1 more stop.

3:55 PM – We’ve been running for about an hour now and completed 16.5 laps. At this pace, the race will be over four hours long.
[SM: Turns out we were a half-hour short of that mark.]

3:56 PM – Finally back to green on Lap 18. It’s Ambrose, Villeneuve, Leffler, Papis & Coleman.

3:58 PM – Villeneuve makes a power move in T1 for the lead but Ambrose barges JV out of the way to hold on. Banged up the LF fender.

4:01 PM – Ron Fellows gets into the back of Steve Wallace and spins him. Fellows loses a couple of spots. Wallace pits.

4:04 PM – Caution on Lap 21. Steve Wallace’s engine has gone kerblammo and is dropping fluid the length of the track.

4:05 PM – Pit stops en masse. Order coming out is Ambrose, Villeneuve, Papis, Keselowski & Leffler.
[SM: They restarted with Ambrose in 14th and the rest following.]

4:18 PM – Restart on Lap 25. Robby Gordon leads from Victor Gonzalez, Brendan Gaughan, Boris Said & Colin Braun.

4:21 PM – People making moves all over the place. Gordon leads from Said & Edwards. Villeneuve & Ambrose charging back to the front.

4:22 PM – Ambrose uses Gonzalez as a pick to get by JV who used Kelley to get by. Edwards passes Said for 2nd into the final chicane.

4:23 PM – Ambrose by Carpentier for 6th place. JV sits 8th.

4:27 PM – Edwards gets by Gordon for the lead in the hairpin. Ambrose up to 4th & JV to 6th.

4:33 PM – Ambrose gets by Gordon for 2nd. Edwards still leads. Said & Villeneuve are running 4th and 5th.
[SM: Thank you well-timed commercial breaks.]

4:35 PM – Villeneuve dumps Said into T5. Looks like JV brakes are starting to go b/c he wheel-hopped into the back of Said.

4:39 PM – Lap 36/74: Edwards lets Ambrose by heading into T5. Only took 11 laps from the restart to cover some 18 spots.

4:43 PM – Logano loses control into the hairpin and takes out Max Papis. Brakes are becoming a big issue now. Ambrose having battery issues.

4:49 PM – During the commercial break, Edwards got by Ambrose heading into the chicane. The battery issues costing Ambrose speed.

4:57 PM – Pit stops a plenty. Edwards, Ambrose & Carpentier pit on same lap. Villeneuve 1 lap later. Ambrose loses a lap changing battery.

5:02 PM – Pit stops have cycled through. With 25 to go, it’s Edwards, Gordon, Villeneuve, Carpentier and Menard.

5:07 PM – Big problems for Carpentier. Pushed behind the wall with a broken track bar. Ambrose in with suspension problems.

5:10 PM – Ambrose lowers the window net and climbs out. Broken suspension arm on the left front.
[SM: Because he’s not running for points, there wasn’t any point to repairing and coming back out.]

5:16 PM – With 17 to go, the race has settled back down. It’s Edwards, Gordon, Villeneuve, Menard & Papis.

5:28 PM – Down to 10 to go. It’s Edwards, Gordon, VIlleneuve, Papis & Keselowski.

5:31 PM – Caution with 9 to go. Michael Annett into the outside wall at T4. Should make for an amazing finish.

5:31 PM – Carl Edwards is out! Broken rear track bar means the #60 is toast.
[SM: It just broke off the mounting heading into Turn 5.]

5:34 PM – Villeneuve pits! The crew is worried about having fuel to the finish. JV should be about 7th for the restart.

5:40 PM – Edwards is wheeled back onto pit road. It looks like the track bar is fixed.

5:40 PM – Scratch that. Edwards’ track bar just broke again.
[SM: Didn’t ecen make it to Turn 5. Looks like it broke around Turn 3 or 4.]

5:42 PM – Green flag with 6 laps to go. Gordon, Papis, Keselowski, Said & Leffler

5:43 PM – Caution right back out. Leffler spun out of T2 possibly by JV. Braun & Malsam all torn up.

5:45 PM – The restart was a mess w/ Gordon, Papis and Said running wide in T1 and cutting part of T2. That stacked em up & caused the wreck.
[SM: JV was hit by Trevor Bayne which turned him into Leffler and turned the #38 into the wall.]

5:52 PM – Restart coming with 3 to go. It’s Gordon, Said, Papis & Villeneuve in the top four.

5:56 PM – Two to go. Keselowski takes advantage of JV missing an overtaking move to get 4th.

5:57 PM – Caution with 2 to go. Leffler either wrecked or broke and is dropping fluid. It’ll be a green-white-checkers finish.

5:59 PM – Leffler ran into the back of Paulie Harraka which looked to have punctured his radiator.

6:00 PM – Also, Bayne was put into the T4 wall by Fitzpatrick and looks to be out.
[SM: Turns out he wasn’t. His car just wasn’t turning well after hitting the wall.]

6:03 PM – Red flag on Lap 74. Cars stopped on backstretch while the track is cleaned up.

6:22 PM – Red flag is over and back to green for two laps.

6:22 PM – Said gets by Gordon on the restart.

6:23 PM – Gordon is out of gas. It’s Said, Papis, Villeneuve.

6:23 PM – White flag! One to go! Papis right on Said’s back bumper.

6:24 PM – Villeneuve outbreaks Papis & himself into T5. Said’s gotta small gap.

6:26 PM – BORIS SAID WINS BY A BUMPER! Amazing finish!
[SM: Which you can see right here.]

6:27 PM – Papis out dragged Said on the final straight but hopped the curve in the final turn. Said won the drag race by maybe a foot.
[SM: If you bought the expensive tickets on the frontstretch, you definitely got your money’s worth on Sunday.]

6:30 PM – Said high fives his crew and does donuts in T2. He’s taught all the drivers how to road race & now he has his 1st win.

6:31 PM – Final results: Said, Papis, Villeneuve, Keselowski, Menard, Logano, Fitzpatrick, Kligerman, Allgaier & Bayne.

6:36 PM – The margin of victory was 0.012 seconds or roughly two feet.

Tweets from Drivers

#33 Max Papis (@maxpapis) – So what about that …. Mad Max is in the house thansk @KHI_NNS @KevinHarvick @DeLanaHarvick @tatipapis and all of u

#18 Brad Coleman (@BradCColeman) – Man was it a tough day. Had tons of cautions and then when we needed one we went green for 40 laps. 12th isn’t too bad for all the adversity we dealt with. My guys worked the butts off. I’m very lucky.

#07 Robby Gordon (@RobbyGordon) – Dug our grave and we had to lay in it….. Wanted that win so badly. Thanks to @No38BraunRacing for dumping oil all over the track. No class…..

#6 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (@StenhouseJr) – Not a good day for the citifinancial team! But def a good come back to finish p24. Awesome job to the @RABracing team on their win. Well deserved

#97 Joe Nemechek (@FrontRowJoe87) – A lot of banging around out there today. And both cars in one wreck. Could have been worse I guess. I guess? Maybe?

#87 Paulie Harraka (@PaulieHarraka) – Damn this sucks. No place to go… We’ll be back. Thanks for your support everyone.

#66 Steve Wallace (@stevewallace66) – What a crappy day just no luck at all just wanna say thanks to 5 hour energy for all there support!!!

#11 Brian Scott (@bscottracing) – As bad of day as you can have. Hate it for everyone on the @No11BraunRacing team. I won’t lie, that hurt. Thanks to all of my @bscottracing fans for all your support and encouragement! Really means a lot to me.


  1. #09 Boris Said
  2. #33 Max Papis
  3. #32 Jacques Villeneuve
  4. #22 Brad Keselowski
  5. #98 Paul Menard
  6. #20 Joey Logano
  7. #7 J.R. Fitzpatrick
  8. #26 Parker Kligerman
  9. #12 Justin Allgaier
  10. #99 Trevor Bayne
  11. #24 D.J. Kennington
  12. #18 Brad Coleman
  13. #28 Kenny Wallace
  14. #07 Robby Gordon (-2 laps, Out of Fuel)
  15. #40 Mike Bliss (-2 laps)
  16. #05 Victor Gonzalez Jr. (-2 laps)
  17. #01 Mike Wallace (-2 laps)
  18. #82 Tomy Drissi (-2 laps)
  19. #70 Mark Green (-2 laps)
  20. #60 Carl Edwards (-4 laps)
  21. #38 Jason Leffler (-5 laps, Contact)
  22. #16 Colin Braun (-9 laps, Contact)
  23. #10 Tayler Malsam (-10 laps)
  24. #6 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (-10 laps)
  25. #15 Michael Annett (-13 laps, Contact)
  26. #23 Alex Kennedy (-13 laps)
  27. #62 Brendan Gaughan (-15 laps)
  28. #97 Joe Nemechek (-20 laps, Contact)
  29. #87 Paulie Harraka (-22 laps)
  30. #88 Ron Fellows (-24 laps)
  31. #59 Kyle Kelley (-26 laps)
  32. #00 Patrick Carpentier (-27 laps, Track Bar)
  33. #47 Marcos Ambrose (-27 laps, Electrical)
  34. #34 Tony Raines (-31 laps, Contact)
  35. #21 Morgan Shepherd (-32 laps, DNF)
  36. #35 Tony Ave (-40 laps, DNF)
  37. #81 Michael McDowell (-43 laps, Engine)
  38. #66 Steve Wallace (-57 laps, Engine)
  39. #27 Andrew Ranger (-64 laps, Contact)
  40. #11 Brian Scott (-69 laps, Contact)
  41. #89 Brett Rowe (-74 laps, Start and Park)
  42. #36 Jeff Green (-76 laps, Start and Park)
  43. #43 Justin Marks (-77 laps, Mechanical)

Championship Standings

  1. #22 Brad Keselowski
  2. #60 Carl Edwards -365 Pts.
  3. #18 Kyle Busch -599 Pts.
  4. #12 Justin Allgaier -734 Pts.
  5. #98 Paul Menard -824 Pts.

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