Fantasy Racing Advice: March 4 – 6, 2011

Since I fancy myself a bit of a fantasy racing guru thanks to a few weekly top ten finishes in Wind Tunnel’s Super 7 Sweep and a top fifty in their Chase for the Championship, I thought I would share my insights and luck with you folks here. Since my primary fantasy series is the Wind Tunnel Super 7 Sweep, I’ll be gearing my advice to that game. That may change if you tell me what some of the more popular games are. Then I can gear my advice to help you out.

For now, here’s my pick for this weekend’s action in motorsports. Continue reading


Top 10 Motorsports Temper Moments

A couple of weeks ago, TSN’s SportsCentre paid homage to Helio Castroneves’ blowup on Izod IndyCar officials at the Honda Edmonton Indy by running a list of the Top 10 meltdowns in sports. While it was entirely appropriate, the problem was that they ran the exact same top ten the week before. If they put in five minutes worth of effort into their segments, they would have found that there are loads of moments in motorsports history where people let their tempers get the best of them.

So to pay proper homage to Helio’s temper getting the best of him (and to tell TSN to bugger off), here is our Top 10 Motorsports Temper Blowup Moments. Continue reading