Fantasy Racing Advice: March 11 – 13, 2011

Alright, last week’s picks didn’t go so well for me. I ended up 1678th out of 4500 in the Wind Tunnel Super 7 Sweep pool. It was still in the top half of the field but that’s what happens when Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin HarvickĀ (in NNS) all lay eggs. This week, the Camping World Truck Series is the only S7S series in action so I’m giving you my team for this week and why I think I’ve got the right team for the job. Continue reading


The Humanoids: At Michigan International Speedway

As you’re reading this, I’m on the tail-end of my road trip to Michigan International Speedway for the Show Me The Carfax race weekend. I should be at the track in time for Nextel Cup qualifying which I might watch from the pits and spend the next two days there for the Nationwide and Nextel Cup Series races. I’ll have a full recap next week and I’ll be tweeting from the track every now and then. Anyway, since I’m going to be at the NASCAR weekend at MIS, I figured that I would make this edition of The Humanoids all about NASCAR.

Since I have a chance, here’s your obligatory Lowdown radio update. The latest segment on the show will be “The Worst of Music.” Jackie and I will find one new piece of music to declare as the worst of music. For example, the worst thing I’ve heard over the last few weeks would be Pitbull’s I Know You Want Me. It’s a mind-numbingly bad piece of music that makes Katy Perry listenable rather than just watchable. So this and “It Came From YouTube” are making for a cramped line-up as we creep up to the Season 3 Premiere on September 15th. Continue reading