2010 Chase For The F1 Championship

Last year, I did a hypothetical experiment that looked at what would happen to the F1 title chase if Bernie Ecclestone insisted upon adopting NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup format. With Fernando Alonso coming up one race short of winning the title and Sebastian Vettel coming from third place in the standings to win his first title. So how would this year’s epic World Championship turn out under the NASCAR Chase for the Cup playoff format? I take a look at the 2010 championship, as well as every season dating back to 2003, after the jump. Continue reading

NASCAR Announces 2011 Sprint Cup Schedule

NASCAR promised to shake things up with their 2011 schedule. The overhauls might be bigger in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series schedules but there are still a fair number of changes to the 2011 Sprint Cup Schedule. There are date changes, a new race in the Chase, and a track that gets its first Sprint Cup race after trying for 10 years. Continue reading

Chase For The F1 Championship

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been pushing hard to get a medal system implemented to determine the winner of the F1 World Championship. His proposed system has the driver winning the most race being named the champion. His proposal comes despite the fact that the last two seasons have seen the title decided in the final race of the year and by a single point each time. The points system changed back in 2003 to keep the championship race alive for longer. This system works but what if Bernie still wants to make a change? What if he was to borrow an American idea? Continue reading