Sunday Link-Off: Fail The King

I’ve been meaning to run this for a while but here’s Katy Perry from a recent issue of Esquire UK. I hope the US version was paying attention.

The big sports media story of the week was this Arash Markazi story about a night in the life of LeBron James in Las Vegas. (Google Docs)

Why was it such a big story, you might ask? Well, ESPN pulled the story from its website for the dumbest reason on record. (Deadspin) I’m actually shocked by this reason. I didn’t think that anyone from ESPN would pull their lips off LeBron’s ass long enough to dictate a statement.

Though that story might be the highlight of LeBron’s week. Here’s a hypothetical look of when LeBron meets up with Jay-Z for the first time since The Decision. (Food Court Lunch)

After the jump, profiles of a couple legends, a StarCraft II review, and a Bieber fail.

It’s finally here. Here’s the first full review I’ve found for StarCraft II. (Kotaku) Only a couple years until we get the next part of the campaign! When that’s about to drop, then I’ll get the Terran campaign.

We’ve got a pair of sports star profiles and interviews for you. First, it’s one of the legendary race car drivers in the history of North American racing. It’s a retrospective on Canadian Champ Car/IndyCar star Paul Tracy. (Car & Driver)

Second, it’s an interview with boxing and pop culture icon “Iron” Mike Tyson. (Sport Illustrated)

Not surprisingly, Miami Heats bandwagonners were so excited by those three dudes joining the team that season tickets have sold out. So how did the Heat celebrate this near unprecedented occurence? They canned the whole season ticket staff. (Out of Bounds)

One of the more interesting stories of the week has been the trial over the attempted extortion of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino. In his testimony, he wasn’t too flattering about his sexual prowess. So, naturally, there’s now a list of things that last as long as a Pitino sexual encounter. (Guyism)

Among the things that last longer than Rick Pitino is a 70-year-old man in an MMA fight. Hell, the old dude won the damn thing. (Fightlinker)

Still, there are worse things than losing to a pensioner in an MMA fight. You could be the North Korean soccer team. They didn’t get off so easily for going 0-0-3 in the World Cup. (Radio Free Asia)

As if the Republicans didn’t have enough fodder for bitching and complaining about Obama going on The View, now they can call him a liar. He changed his story on knowing who Snooki is. (Mediaite)

Do you have an iPhone? Well, guess what, Apple is spying on you. (Gizmodo)

It could be worse. Google and the CIA are teaming up to develop the future in real-time internet monitoring. (Wired) Big Brother is watching you.

A couple of photos to close this edition of the SLO. First, it’s the Ten Commandments of sports talk radio hosts. (Sports Pickle) I could have been someone if I had these back in the day.

I never thought a Venn diagram could be useful but this one comparing what people want from a university’s website and what people get from those websites. (XKCD)

Justin Bieber proves that you don’t need to be smart to be famous. He decides to wander out into a swarm of screaming fans on his Segway. He couldn’t quite make a successful getaway.

DJ Steve Porter is back. It’s time for Press Hop 2.

And I feel as though I’m tucking this video too far down but here’s the best skit from the Comic Con masquerade event. It’s an epic recreation of Mass Effect 2 called The Suicide Mission.


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