Wednesday Link-Off: Get Off My Mound

For no real reason, kicking things off is Jessica Alba.

Competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi is fought the law and the law won at this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Fortunately for all of us that couldn’t make it Coney Island, there’s video. (Deadspin)

The world is giddy with anticipation as we await LeBron’s big announcement. Fortunately for Cleveland, Betty White is on their side. (PopWatch)

New York made a much more “Wall Street” pitch to LeBron. They used a PowerPoint presentation about how LeBron can get rich in The Big Apple. Now, about that winning thing… (Black Sports Online)

After the jump, this post’s eponymous link, Iran’s greatest contribution to society, and vote Joey Votto.

The New York Yankees are visiting the Oakland A’s this week. The A’s marketing department reminds you to get off their mound. (Out of Bounds)

The history of South Africa makes it an odd candidate to host the World Cup but it’s precisely that history that makes it the perfect country to host the World Cup. (New York Times)

I give the Maple Leafs a hard time but I have loads of respect for Brian Burke. He marched in this weekend’s Toronto Gay Pride parade in honour of his son. (Torontoist)

Say what you will about Iran, they’re ahead of Western society in one way. They’ve just outlawed the mullet. (Gawker)

Now only if Iran could get those Viagra and Cialis commercials banned. A new study shows that people that use them are three times more likely to have an STD. (Business Week)

Bad news for university students. US colleges are getting better at cutting down on cheating. This sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of us. (New York Times)

Bugatti has upgraded the Veyron. It’s now about 14 MPH faster than the standard version and is once again the fastest production car in the world. (Top Gear)

Sarah Palin has excitable fans of all sizes. (Gawker) Maybe he saw Nailin Paylin.

I don’t know if this choreographed dance by the Israeli army counts as a flash mob but it’s still an impressive dance for people in bullet-proof vests.

Because I’m Canadian, I’m obliged to run this video. VOTE JOEY VOTTO! YouTube sports song legend Ryan Parker makes Votto’s case.


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