Sunday Link-Off: Unpredictable

Leading off today’s edition of the SLO is Alessandra Ambrosio.

Heading into today’s World Cup final, it looks like the players won’t be the gamebreaking factors. Adidas’ “Jabulani” football has been proven by NASA as being unpredictable. (FanHouse)

I’m not a fan of all these crazy stats invented by eggheads that try to tell us who the best players are in every sport. Fortunately, David Berri is far more eloquent in dissecting what’s wrong with these ridiculous stats. (MGoBlog)

Need a new vacation spot? Have you thought of going to lovely Lake Jonathan Toews? (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, scads of baseball links, more on King James, and Kristen Stewart is a gifted actress.

Did you know that there are two MLB rookies still living at home during the year? Here are their stories. (Wall Street Journal)

Ball players are strange characters. To stave off cabin fever, they steal a teammate’s car and use it for BP target practice. (Big League Stew)

Remember those two Indian cricketers who won a reality show to get a MLB contract? Some Hollywood lunatics are writing a movie based on their story. (Out of Bounds)

Michelle Wie may still be in this weekend’s Women’s US Open. (I don’t follow women’s golf and I’m not sure anybody actually does.) She definitely isn’t in a sorority, though. She’s also not likely to make the Dean’s Honour List. (Mondesi’s House)

According to the New York Times, the next “it” sport in the US will be jousting. And McCain called MMA human cockfighting… (New York Times)

Suppose that the world stops turning (like mentioned in that craptacular Nickelback song), what would happen? Long story short, I’d have to be on the move. (Gizmodo)

The worst part of biking into work is hauling around the lock on the ride there and carrying around the front wheel all day. Fortunately, a British man has come up with an ingenious solution that will likely never work in practice. It’s the bendy bike. (Daily Mail)

So Twilight is apparently still a big thing. I think I can understand why now. Kristen Stewart is a very versatile actress. Just check out this collage of her expressing different emotions. (Unreality)

We have a video gallery for you today. It’s a roundup of plenty of LeBron James jersey burning videos. (Deadspin)

Miami sports writer and radio host Dan Lebatard has a decidedly understated reaction to the news that LeBron was joining Wade and Bosh on the Heat.

The latest great viral video: A wedding photographer doesn’t watch where he’s going and pays the price.

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