Formula E Buenos Aires ePrix: A Race No One Wants to Win

formula-e-2014-buenos-aires-da-costa-victoryWhen Formula E was announced and the race format detailed, everyone thought that the series’ biggest challenge would be the battery life of the cars. After the championship’s fourth round in Buenos Aires, it looks like the longevity of the suspensions will be the biggest curveball thrown at teams and drivers.

What started as a fairly straight forward race quite quickly degenerated into chaos when the safety car came out after the race’s first suspension failure. After that point, there were four leaders who ascended to the top in a cloud of debris with the final one being Antonio Felix da Costa who scored his first Formula E race win.

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Soccer Night In South Africa: Collision Course

The two final games of the quarter-final round saw two favourites meet up as Germany battled Argentina. In the other match, defending European champions Spain took on Paraguay. The two powerhouse teams that survived today’s action would be on a collision course in what should be an epic semi-final. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Rivalries Renewed

It was a day of intrigue and controversy at the 2010 World Cup today. Two pairs of rivals met to determine who would go on and who would go home. The biggest story of the day, as seems so often the case, was the referees. A disallowed goal in one game and an allowed goal in the other was likely the deciding factor in each match. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: A Last Stand

The twelfth day of action at the 2010 World Cup marked the beginning of the end of the group stages. All 8 Group A and Group B teams would be in action with four moving on and four going home at the end of the day. Uruguay and Argentina were favoured to move on leaving two spots realistically open for six teams. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Bouncing Back

The six teams in action today are all coming off disappointing efforts in their first games of the tournament. They all needed to bounce back with a superior effort in their second games in order to reach the knockout stages. Continue reading

Soccer Night In South Africa: Keeping It Close

Two lacklustre games on the first day of action at the 2010 World Cup gave way to three thrilling games on day two. Action got better as the day went along with the much anticipated game between England and the United States. But it wasn’t the strikers who were the stars of the games today but the goalkeepers who starred today. Continue reading

The Humanoids: The Grand Return

After nearly two months out of action, it’s the return of The Humanoids. A lot of stuff has happened over the last few weeks that needs to be smacked around in that classic cynical/sarcastic Humanoids way. The format is just the same as you remember but the numbers have changed slightly because we don’t have a radio station to subtly give a nod to. So, without further ado, the return of The Humanoids. Continue reading