7 Best Games of the 7th Generation: Rock Band

rock-band-headerWhen people think up games for lists such as out 7 best games of the 7th generation (or 7 For 7 for short), they think of game of the year winners or critically acclaimed blockbusters. But how many of these lists include games that were just wildly popular and genre redefining?

Rock Band was probably never really in contention for a major game of the year award but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a big game for the current console generation. The mark of a game being among the best isn’t just what the critics think but what the gamers think. I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who didn’t love playing Rock Band.

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Lowdown BlogCast: July 20, 2010

It’s time for a back to the basics episode of The Lowdown BlogCast. In this episode, Steve reviews the new Green Day: Rock Band video game and the boys talk about video games in Australia. That’s followed up by the obligatory LeBron James discussion as the guys talk about the ridiculousness of the situation, what this means for future free agents in the NBA and what the next move for the Toronto Raptors should be. That segues into entertainment in which features a man named Band as Jackie’s single of the week. Newark, New Jersey, is represented in It Came From YouTube while the Billboard Hot 100 gets another plug in the Worst of Music. The NHL takes over from there as the boys discuss Carrie Fisher (or is it Underwood) and the near certainty (as of taping) that Ilya Kovalchuk would join the LA Kings. That leads to a discussion of players that can’t handle the pressures of playing in the spotlight. The show wraps with a discussion of the World Cup final and who was at fault for the Dutch loss. In total, it’s 100 minutes of Lowdown insanity. It’s more than a regular World Cup that isn’t officiated by Howard Webb.

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Video Game Review: Green Day: Rock Band

The fifth installment in the Rock Band series and second in the band-focused editions of the game feels like the series is getting back to its roots. After producing a family oriented game in Lego Rock Band and one about one of the greatest bands of all-time in The Beatles: Rock Band, Harmonix is going back to rock music with Green Day: Rock Band. Continue reading

The Lowdown Radio: October 27, 2009

Tonight’s episode of The Lowdown radio show is as close as we’ll get to a two-year anniversary of the show. Like that first episode, this was a Halloween show. It starts with Steve reviewing The Beatles: Rock Band. How does that fit into Halloween? Well, Steve’s singing sure is scary. In the news, the guys talk about how to prepare for a zombie invasion on October 31st. They also talk about the UWO police brutality video that was making the rounds on the internet and what it means for UWO. Entertainment has another Brit pop single from Jackie, Stephen Harper coming from YouTube and a Worst of Music that is close to home. This week’s sports is the return of Oddsmakers to The Lowdown. It’s an instant classic episode that is among the best of the show’s history.

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On Lowdown Extra, there’s more Beatles talk, including a longer intro. There are a couple spooky news stories that didn’t make the cut for the radio. There is also more talk about zombies and the UWO police brutality incident. You also get bonus Harper on It Came From YouTube. And there is an extra question in Oddsmakers. In total, there is almost 28 minutes more action in this week’s Lowdown Extra. That’s a whole radio show that was cut from the radio show that you can get exclusively here. As usual, all the action comes uncut and uncensored.

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Lowdown Radio Preview: October 27, 2009

In just 48 hours, The Lowdown is on air with our annual Halloween special. We’ve also made it our Beatles episode too. How do those two things go together to make a spooky episode? Well, Steve tried singing some Beatles classics while he reviews The Beatles: Rock Band video game. In the news, the talk quickly turns to zombies. The guys discuss if zombies actually exist, why they eat living things, and how to defend yourself from zombies. They also break down the UWO police brutality controversy including if it was justified and the reflection on the school. Entertainment has Jackie’s single, It Came From YouTube and The Worst of Music on radio together for the first time. Sports brings us the return of Oddsmakers. Will Jackie get off the schnide or will Steve continue his two year domination of that sports game? Find out on Tuesday as we celebrate our 40th episode. We did a better count this week and we’re positive that this is the 40th.

The show goes live at around 6:30 PM Eastern. If you’re in the London, ON, listening area, you can listen live on 94.9 FM. You can also listen online at CHRWradio.com/listen.

E3 2009: Wednesday Roundup

With most of the press conferences over and done with, the attention at E3 turns to the individual games. Over the final two days of the expo, we’ll take a look at some of games making waves. We also have a quick recap of the Konami press conference. Continue reading