Digital Homicide Suing Steam Users, Considering Suing Valve after Valve Pulls Games from Steam

digital-homicide-logoTwo-man indie developer Digital Homicide has made more news and gained more notoriety from their response to criticism than from their games themselves. Despite having nearly two dozen games on Steam, they are perhaps best known for representing themselves in a lawsuit against critic Jim Sterling for $15 million in damages related to his reviews and first impressions videos of their games.

Now, Digital Homicide is taking their legal game to the next level. The developer is now in the early stages of filing lawsuits against 100 Steam users for $18 million and is considering taking legal action against Valve itself.

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The Secret Industry of US Private Prisons (Infographic)

The US prison system costs America’s federal government over $55 billion per year for just over two million prisoners. It doesn’t seem like very good value for money so why isn’t there a reevaluation of what lands people in prison? Well, that’s thanks in part to the US’s privately run prisons which requires minimum occupancy.

For this and more info about the US prison system, we have this handy infographic for your perusal.

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The Most and Least Ticketed Cars (Infographic)

Have you wondered if you have picked the right or wrong car? Sure, professional car reviews and consumer reviews can help you somewhat but those just tell you how good the car is when it’s running and not any attention it might get that will leave you stopped on the side of the road. Yes, tickets are a near inevitability of driving but not all cars attract the same attention from the police.

The folks over at did a study looking at the tickets of over 300,000 drivers to see which were the most and least ticketed cars. Then our friends at Your Mechanic synthesized that into infographic form to see which cars to buy to avoid tickets. The answer is GM vehicles because cops feel bad enough for you because you drive a GM.

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Sunday Link-Off: Freedom of Speeches

shay-mitchell-flare16-01We’re nearing the end of the chase for the Democratic and Republican Presidential nominations. It’s funny how negative that the two nomination campaigns have been and there’s still an actual election still to come for both parties to contest. How much more contentious can this get?

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Canadian actress Shay Mitchell.

“It’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president.” – President Jimmy Carter (The Antimedia)

Tuesday’s New York primary is the make or break for all the frontrunners. (MacLean’s)

In the ongoing battle of Tax Returns vs. Wall Street Speeches, Bernie Sanders released his tax return showing a combined income of $205,000. Hilary made $10.5 million from speaking engagements. (USA Today)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Making The Case

emily-ratajkowski-gq14-04This week’s Wednesday linkdump deals a lot with the law and legalities. Somehow, I wasn’t able to find an article about the imprisoned Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt. A lot of slacktivism on Twitter but I was hoping for that killer article that never came.

Anyway, there is lots more in today’s post. But let’s start with Emily Ratajkowski.

President Obama is a big supporter of a national program for paid maternal leave. So why has no progress been made on it? (Washington Post)

Speaking of President Obama, he has a supporter in Rand Paul. The Republican Senator is one of the few members of the GOP who is blaming Dick Cheney and company for the ongoing situation in Iraq rather than blaming the entirety of the situation on the President. (CBS News)

PETA’s new shtick is that cow milk can cause autism. Listening to morons make shit up about what causes autism causes autism. That last statement has as much basis in reality as anything PETA says about autism does. (The Daily Beast)

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Wednesday Link-Off: To No One’s Surprise

camille-rowe-victoriassecret14-22I noticed something about this batch of links. A lot of them are articles about things that should be blindingly obvious but some people still can’t quite believe. We should have seen some of these coming but I guess that doesn’t mean that everyone does.

Anyway, it’s now time for the links. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that we lead off the links with Camille Rowe.

Much to no one’s surprise, Sochi has been abandoned now that the Olympics and Paralympics have left town. Tens of billions of dollars down the drain for nothing. Good work, Vlad. (English Russia)

Also much to no one’s surprise, Russia has imposed sanctions against Canadian political players for imposing sanctions against Russian politicians. (Russia Today)

Illegal drug spending in the US is $100 billion. Government spending to combat the drugs trade is $200 billion. Spending on cocaine has plummeted over the last five years and has been replaced by marijuana spending which states are going easier on. It’s funny how law enforcement works (or doesn’t work) in America sometimes. (MarketWatch)

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How TV Forces the End of Jury Trials

It’s not often I go into heavy stuff like this but reading an article about a brewing scandal in Formula One got me thinking about trials. The article made note of the fact that the law says that all people are considered innocent until proven guilty. But I think that the idea that people are always considered innocent until a judge or jury of their peers says otherwise has become antiquated and no longer holds true in modern society. I think that TV crime dramas and the 24/7 news media obsession with crime stories means that most people think that a person must be guilty if the police have charged them. I think that means we should soon see the end of jury trials in our innocent until proven guilty society. Continue reading