Wednesday Link-Off: Making The Case

emily-ratajkowski-gq14-04This week’s Wednesday linkdump deals a lot with the law and legalities. Somehow, I wasn’t able to find an article about the imprisoned Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt. A lot of slacktivism on Twitter but I was hoping for that killer article that never came.

Anyway, there is lots more in today’s post. But let’s start with Emily Ratajkowski.

President Obama is a big supporter of a national program for paid maternal leave. So why has no progress been made on it? (Washington Post)

Speaking of President Obama, he has a supporter in Rand Paul. The Republican Senator is one of the few members of the GOP who is blaming Dick Cheney and company for the ongoing situation in Iraq rather than blaming the entirety of the situation on the President. (CBS News)

PETA’s new shtick is that cow milk can cause autism. Listening to morons make shit up about what causes autism causes autism. That last statement has as much basis in reality as anything PETA says about autism does. (The Daily Beast)

A man who testified to the USPTO about the Washington Redskins trademark discussed why sports teams shouldn’t exempted from racism. (The Atlantic)

It amazes the that in 2014, rape is still not taken seriously by some people and institutions. (WHSV)

Could the American economy be hurt by overworking and poor vacation benefits? The drop in productivity could be a long-term problem. (The New Republic)

Gawker is a web group so big that it dwarfs Lowdown Productions (or whatever I call the group of The Lowdown and et geekera this week). However, big isn’t big enough. They’re targeting growing their US traffic by a sixth to 80 MM unique readers a month. I don’t think they’re a bunch of slightly anarchist sites any more. (Capital New York)

Are you interested in being a YouTube Let’s Player and trying to become internet famous? A video game lawyer has some tips to help you avoid copyright issues on YouTube. (Gamasutra)

Lana Del Rey blamed an interviewer for leading her into quotes she gave in an interview. The interviewer released the audio recording and proved her wrong. The lesson: Always record your interviews, kids. (Rolling Stone)

Adam Sandler keeps making movies because his movies somehow keep making money. (Business Insider)

Is John Oliver the best newsman on TV right now? Last Week Tonight does a spot-on takedown of Dr. Oz and the nutritional supplement industry.

And here’s a drunk guy at a concert as called by Jim Ross.


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