Sunday Link-Off: Freedom of Speeches

shay-mitchell-flare16-01We’re nearing the end of the chase for the Democratic and Republican Presidential nominations. It’s funny how negative that the two nomination campaigns have been and there’s still an actual election still to come for both parties to contest. How much more contentious can this get?

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Canadian actress Shay Mitchell.

“It’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president.” – President Jimmy Carter (The Antimedia)

Tuesday’s New York primary is the make or break for all the frontrunners. (MacLean’s)

In the ongoing battle of Tax Returns vs. Wall Street Speeches, Bernie Sanders released his tax return showing a combined income of $205,000. Hilary made $10.5 million from speaking engagements. (USA Today)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Executive Orders

shay-mitchell-airbnbjamaica15-04bSometimes, I’m not sure how politicians actually accomplish anything. Then again, I’m also not sure that they actually want to accomplish anything. After countless mass shootings and no Congressional action, it was up to an executive order to start to make things right with American gun laws. If the politicians were really to do what’s best for the majority of Americans, wouldn’t they be sorting this out themselves? There I go being naive again.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Canadian actress Shay Mitchell.

President Obama used his executive order power to introduce new gun regulations in America to combat the ongoing mass shootings. (NBC News)

The inevitable has happened. Donald Trump is becoming a Ted Cruz birther. (Washington Post)

Under the Harper Government, the goal was for Canada to become an energy superpower. Canada’s current economic reliance on oil has caused the massive drop in the value of the Canadian dollar. (Bloomberg)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The State of Every Other Union

shay-mitchell-maxim15-05I know on Sunday that I said that the hardest part of doing a linkdump is coming up with a title but doing these intros isn’t much better. That’s especially true when you have to think of a bunch of links that really have nothing to do with each other. So I just killed a little bit of time by rambling on about that.

So that means we can get to the links. Here’s Canadian actress Shay Mitchell.

Justin Trudeau is ramping up for his first campaign as Liberal leader. Here’s a look at the economic advisory team he’s assembled that will likely prove the key to any success. (MacLean’s)

Fox News is being taken to task. The City of Paris is planning to sue Fox News over statements it made about the city. (CNN)

Printed pornography is dying. The likes of Playboy are being replaced by magazines that push art over just straight titillation. (New York Times)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Not E3

shay-mitchell-esquirephilippines14-04With this week being E3, I have been extra busy over on et geekera with all the news and trailer roundups from the press conferences as well as with the other bits of news that devs are giving out to the press. There’ll be scads of E3 coverage here starting tomorrow but you can get it early on etg.

Today on The Lowdown, though, it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian actress Shay Mitchell. What does she have to do with gaming? Nothing but neither does this post.

In Venezuela, prostitutes make better money as a currency exchange than they do as prostitutes. (Bloomberg)

Google did an internal examination of its hiring practices and found that impressive transcripts and degrees don’t translate to on-the-job results. Hell, anyone that works could’ve told you that. (Business Insider)

In Utah, you can’t have bare arms if you’re a woman. Such a wonderfully equal state. (Standard Examiner)

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