Wednesday Link-Off: To No One’s Surprise

camille-rowe-victoriassecret14-22I noticed something about this batch of links. A lot of them are articles about things that should be blindingly obvious but some people still can’t quite believe. We should have seen some of these coming but I guess that doesn’t mean that everyone does.

Anyway, it’s now time for the links. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that we lead off the links with Camille Rowe.

Much to no one’s surprise, Sochi has been abandoned now that the Olympics and Paralympics have left town. Tens of billions of dollars down the drain for nothing. Good work, Vlad. (English Russia)

Also much to no one’s surprise, Russia has imposed sanctions against Canadian political players for imposing sanctions against Russian politicians. (Russia Today)

Illegal drug spending in the US is $100 billion. Government spending to combat the drugs trade is $200 billion. Spending on cocaine has plummeted over the last five years and has been replaced by marijuana spending which states are going easier on. It’s funny how law enforcement works (or doesn’t work) in America sometimes. (MarketWatch)

The Tea Party won’t like this. An examination of spending by Tea Party PACs show that they aren’t giving very much money to campaigns but spending it internally. So much for cutting spending and fiscal responsibility. (Roll Call)

The reboot of Cosmos is stirring up complaints from creationists wanting their point-of-view to be heard. The only problem is that people who take the Bible for fact are living in a fantasy world and letting them present their disproven information as fact will only make everyone dumber. (Salon) You know, I went to Catholic school growing up. The theory of evolution was never discussed. I learned about it through my own interest in dinosaurs and science fiction but never through school. If I wasn’t a curious child, I’d have probably grown up to be an utter moron. Religious extremism and the education of it is going to do more harm than good to society.

The President of the Catholic League tried to make gay rights groups look bad by applying to march in the New York Gay Pride parade as a straight rights advocate before saying they were trying to make him gay. Yeah, it didn’t work. (LA Times)

You may not have heard of it yet but the next big website is Upworthy. (New York Magazine)

Last week, we had a Queen’s story. This week, we bring you the story of secret coded messages being found on the University of Western Ontario campus. That’s its legal name so I’m still calling it. Suck it, Queen’s. (Toronto Star)

Did you know that Hawaii has a law on the books allowing cops to have sex with prostitutes? No wonder why everyone there is so happy. (Associated Press / ABC)

Field of Dreams was just a movie. To the people of Dyersville, Iowa, it’s a critical piece of local culture. A landmark for the town. (The Atlantic)

Why is Tiger Woods falling apart? One of the top swing instructors in golf thinks his swing is wearing his body down. (Golf Digest)

OSW Review is back with a special bonus episode. It’s their absolutely hilarious look at Scooby Doo: WrestleMania Mystery.

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