Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: The Drought Is Over

A moment of confusion quickly gave way to the biggest moment in a young player’s career. Patrick “20 Cent” Kane danced out from the corner and slid the puck under Michael Leighton but no one realized it except for him. The party was on hold for a moment as the play was briefly reviewed but in the end it was the Chicago Blackhawks lifting the Stanley Cup for the first time in 49 years. Continue reading


Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Got Defense?

How do you make up for leaky goaltending? Just score plenty of goals! With the series knotted at two, the series headed back to the United Center where the Blackhawks hope to use the home advantage to snatch a win. Goals were exchanged regularly on both ends but only one came up on top and is now another step closer to the Stanley Cup. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Make It Best of Three

Game four saw the teams coming in with two different agendas. The Flyers dropped Dan Carcillo for James van Riemskyk to add some scoring punch and lose some careless penalty minutes. The Blackhawks were looking to recapture the dominant play that’s been missing since the midpoint of game two. This could be the most important game of the series. A Flyers win would make the series best of three. A Hawks win would give them a chance to clinch the series in game five. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Upon Further Review

On a night when instant replay would have preserved a perfect game in the hockey stronghold of Detroit, it was used to perfection in Philadelphia. A pair of instant replays of close goal calls were used that swung momentum in the game and possibly in the series. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: It’s Not About the Big Guns

Last night was game 2 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. Unlike the first game, each team was playing a lot more carefully and there were fewer offensive blows on each end. Once again it wasn’t the big names that made the difference in the game and by the end of the night, one of the teams managed to squeeze in a narrow victory. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: One Down…

Game one of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals were last night. It definitely didn’t go according to the script as the two offenses traded blows, the defences stood idly by and goalies worked on their tan thanks to the goal light. In all, 11 goals were scored over the sixty minutes of play. At the end of those three periods, one team was one win closer to winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. Continue reading

2010 Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Over the last eight months, the field has slowly been widdled from 30 to 16 to 8 to 4 and now to the final two teams fighting for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Heading into the season, the Chicago Blackhawks were a media favourite to make it to the big dance. The Philadelphia Flyers were considered a dark horse in October and a longshot after making it into the post-season on the final day of the regular season. Now, one of these teams is four wins away from lifting the Stanley Cup. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: And Then There Were Two

The Montreal Canadiens were in a familiar situation. Down in the series once again, the Canadiens were hoping to pull off another comeback in hopes of reaching the conference finals. Everyone is always up for a good underdog story, but unfortunately not all underdog stories conclude with a happy ending. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Chelsea Dagger

It was do or die for the Sharks as they were on the verge of elimination last night in the Western conference finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs. They certainly didn’t have the home advantage as they were playing the Blackhawks in Chicago. Could the regular underachieving playoff team pull off a victory to keep their Stanley Cup dreams alive? Well… I suppose it’s fair to say we all got the result that everyone expected. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Same Old Song and Dance

After a four-goal victory in game three, the Montreal Canadiens were looking to carry the momentum into an unusual afternoon game on Saturday. A win by the Habs would mean that we would have a best of three series to determine the Eastern Conference champion. The Flyers are no stranger to having a team down and finishing them. They already made quick work of the New Jersey Devils and are looking to put Montreal one loss away from elimination. Continue reading