Wednesday Link-Off: Snowed In

To warm you up on a cold day in most parts of Canada, here’s Arianny Celeste.

For the third straight day today, the University of Western Ontario is closed for a snow day. There’s been one snow day over the last five years so UWO students might struggle to think of things to do today. Fortunately, our pals at LDU have some suggestions to pass the time. (Lion’s Den U)

Gawker is changing the look of their blogs again. It looks like the beginning of a revolution of how you read blogs. (Sports Journalism)

Don Cherry was invited to give a speech to introduce new Toronto mayor Rob Ford to city council. What we got was a legendary speech. It’s so epic that a transcription was on the web within minutes. (Torontoist)

After the jump, the Sidney Crosby Christmas hockey card, Wolfenstein’s back (sorta) and a Taiwanese CGI news montage.

The debate rages on amongst football fans over who are the best and worst analysts on TV. Once again, the professional media try to critique their own but don’t exactly break new ground. (New York Post)

Just in time for the Christmas season, it’s a special Sidney Crosby hockey card. (Sportress of Blogitude)

How bad are the New York Islanders this year? Fans have taken to knitting during games. (Ted Williams Head)

Despite the fact that the MVP award is within reach for Michael Vick, not all things have been looking up for him. He’s still got mountains of debt to pay off. (Shutdown Corner)

Rex Ryan may not have coached his Jets past the Patriots on Monday but he might still win the war. He’s got his own video game: Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan. (Tauntr)

Speaking of games, I’ve bemoaned the fact that LittleBigPlanet 2 was pushed back to January but it looks like it’ll be worth the wait. Someone took the time to recreate Wolfenstein in LBP2’s level creator. (Joystiq)

Some music companies don’t have a sense of fair play. Universal Music issued a cease and desist to the creator of the 8-Bit version/parody of DJ Hero. Another classic dickish move by the lawyers. (Piki Geek)

F1 legend Ayrton Senna once tested an IndyCar. That makes you wonder what would have happened if he made the switch. (The Times Leader)

Don’t say that I never try to help you guys. Here’s a list of the Top 10 habits of stylish men. (Ask Men)

The TSA’s new regulations about patdowns and full-body scans have caused more than a bit of uproar amongst the travelling public. Fortunately it has given us scads of TSA parodies. (Ranker)

In a slightly more sane photo gallery, it’s the Gran Turismo photoshop contest winners. (Kotaku)

Robert DeNiro’s turn as Saturday Night Live host was said to be one of the best of recent seasons. I haven’t seen it (thanks from Canada, Hulu) but here are videos of the episode. (Bro Bible)

It’s been one year since the Tiger Woods Thanksgiving crash. To celebrate, those Taiwanese animated news folk did a retrospective of the year since their first viral hit.

I’m sure Top Gear will get around to this but a man decided to test how real Gran Turismo 5 was by driving a BMW M5 around the Nurburgring in the game and real life.

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