Sunday Link-Off: We Coming For You, Hulkster

arianny-celeste-solkissed15-01Well, this was certainly an interesting week in the world of news. I thought that I would be running the usual politics and news links. Instead, we’re talking about a man who admitted on video to being racist while everyone else says that it’s an isolated incident. I’m not sure what to believe but I’ll probably believe the guy who says “I’m a racist” on tape.

Anyway, it’s time for the Sunday links. Let’s stay sort of to theme with UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste.

So the big story of the weekend is Hulk Hogan’s n-word laden rant in his sex tape. (National Enquirer)

Hulk Hogan doesn’t have the best reputation in the wrestling world at this point. Even his apologies are probably questionable considering his history of lying. (Vice Sports)

Outside of downtown Toronto, nobody else is quite seeing the benefit of the Pan-Am Games. (Oshawa This Week)

Almost 14 years later, here is a look at 9/11 inside the White House with the Bush Administration. (PBS Frontline)

Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign somehow seems to be growing momentum despite the billionaire saying things that should torpedo his campaign repeatedly. What does this say about his support base? (Al Jazeera America)

Speaking of questionable electioneering, will Stephen Harper’s poor record on democracy in Canada affect his chances in October or will everyone say “they all suck so who cares?” (The Globe and Mail)

The world’s first malaria vaccine has been approved for use which is kind of a big deal. (Al Jazeera)

Citizens of Chicago will now be subject to a 9% amusement tax on online purchases. That’s probably going to go over like a lead balloon and that’s just among the companies whose products are being taxed. (National Review)

Have a little fun seeing what toppings end up on fries around the world. Yes, poutine is represented. (Lucky Peach)

Meanwhile, in the world of professional wrestling that hasn’t been expunged from the record books, the WWE spent last week proving they don’t want to make new stars or main eventers and will rely on the WWE brand and cameos from old-timers to make the company money. (Cageside Seats)

Two magicians videobombed a newscast. It was only Sky so it was the most informative thing on the show.

Have a little laugh with an entirely plausible concept trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI.


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