Sunday Link-Off: Excuse The Delay

Yeah, I missed this week’s WLO because I was unbelievably busy. Hopefully that won’t happen again but to make up for it, here’s Arianny Celeste.

When the Stanley Cup Playoffs end for the Penguins (one way or another), it’s the end of the road for the Mellon Arena. But never fear, Pens fans. Their new place ain’t too shabby and doesn’t have obstructed views like so many new stadiums. (Mondesi’s House)

Phil Mickelson’s got this whole big win thing wrong. It’s supposed to be “I’m going to Disney World!” not “I’m going to Krispy Kreme!” (Devil Ball Golf)

If you were to ask David Stern, the biggest problem facing the NBA may be gambling. (He’s looking at you Tim Donaghy.) Turns out that the competitive gaming world of Starcraft in South Korea is also in rough shape thanks to underworld dealings. (Kotaku)

After the jump, more hockey links, DJ Steve Porter greatness, and an expert debate.

So Santonio Holmes violated the drug policy and Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t charged for allegedly raping a college student doing nothing. But that doesn’t mean that Roger Goodell isn’t going to consult his handy suspension flow chart. (Sports Pickle)

I couldn’t be bothered to watch the end of last night’s Kings/Canuckleheads game but either way, you can blame Coach Alain Vigneault for letting his players have sex during the playoffs. (Fanhouse) Somewhere, Fabio Capello is taking notes.

Also taking notes are headline writers. TSN showed exactly how to pull-off the uncommon sexual hockey double entendre for Game One of the Devils/Flyers series. (Last Angry Fan)

Everything is bigger in Texas. That includes the soon-to-be-built high school football stadium that will cost four times as much as my hometown’s new arena. (Dallas News)

The original Lowdown Worst of Music award winner, Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA, is making waves as an MLB batter walkup song. God help us. (Larry Brown Sports)

When I first saw all these NBA Playoff promos by DJ Steve Porter, I figured it was him up to his old tricks. Turns out that the NBA actually got him to produce their playoff ads. Turned out pretty well if you ask me. (Lion’s Den U)

Time for a gratuitous car link. What happens when a clinically insane German tuning house gets their hands on a Mercedes’ heavy-duty offroading SUV? An application of the chaos theory. (Top Gear)

To make up for the lack of a WLO, I’ve got a pair of photo galleries today. First, it’s a look at Star Wars characters reimagined as feudal Japanese art. (Buzzfeed)

More hockey for the second photo gallery. It’s a collection of 40 of the best playoff beards of all time. (Bro Bible)

Are you an expert? Watch Andy Sutton engage a reporter in some verbal sparring and become an expert in expertness.

I mentioned a past Lowdown WoM winner above, here’s another mention. The Philly Phanatic taunts a third base coach while dancing to another WoM winner.


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