Sunday Link-Off: Wrestling with Technology

rachelle-goulding-lavieenrose13-03Well, another year of E3 has come and gone and now I have to put together a week’s worth of blog posts without all the great content that E3 affords. If you were following E3 over at et geekera, we had 17 posts with E3 news and analysis and a total a record-high 27 posts on the blog last week. I think we’ll have at least one game review this week and a second one if I have time, along with a recap of this week’s IndyCar race and news.

But first, let’s start today’s set of links with Canadian model Rachelle Goulding.

If you’re a high school football player that rapes a girl, you get one year in prison. Uncover evidence of rape through hacking? You get a nasty visit from the FBI and face up to 25 years in prison. (The Plain Dealer)

Speaking of data hacking, the US government has taken it upon themselves to avail themselves of your info. You should be concerned. (The Guardian)

Intel is trying to make the next-generation of internet TV but cable companies would rather that Intel didn’t try something new. (The New York Times)

Scarlett Johansson is unwittingly about to set a legal precedent in the literary world. She’s suing an author over using her as a description in a book. (The Independent)

Twitter superstar Rob Delaney has some important advice for everyone in a recent interview. (The Guardian)

The bloodletting at ESPN continues and claimed popular statistician and former host Howie “Stump the” Schwab. (Deadspin)

Bill Simmons’ online playground Grantland has been around for two years. Has it really created an identity beyond that? (The Big Lead)

We always get “best of” lists but almost never worst lists. So here’s Deadspin’s worst coaches in NFL history. I’m not inclined to disagree with #1. (Deadspin)

Did you know that former WWE star Tito Santana is now a high school Spanish teacher? Strange but true. (Yahoo)

The WWE is planning to make a racing game. If they make it a karting game, it wouldn’t be too hard to re-cast the “superstars” into Mario Kart. (With Leather)

Did you know that the WWE employs a team of designers to create the looks of your favourite wrestlers? While it might look like they find a design they like, there’s a process involved in giving them their look. (WWE)

Donald Trump got into a Twitter fight with Modern Family writer Danny Zuker over where Trump brand shirts were made. The Donald lost. Badly. (Warming Glow)

And just for fun, here are 15 great moments in actors playing themselves in movies. (Pajiba)

Also just for fun, here’s a collection of hilarious stupid video game answers.

If Don Mattrick was honest about what you should buy as an offline Xbox One substitute, he would have suggested this.

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