Wednesday Link-Off: News Effect

Another Wednesday, another set of links. It’s been a busy week here at Lowdown HQ and business will only pick up from here. For now, here’s Nina Agdal.

With a big story like the Aurora theatre shootings, it’s very easy for the media to screw up coverage. The British print media definitely dropped the ball. (The New Statesman)

It looks like the days of SEO causing people write to chase links rather than write in English may be coming to an end. (Forbes)

Here’s an in-depth look at what went wrong with Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios and why the video game developer went bankrupt. (Boston Magazine)

After the jump, the CFL returns to America…n TV, a sudden plethora of celebrity sex tapes and some Mass Effect 3 loose ends.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Fausto Carmona is coming back to the States… But it’s under his real name of Roberto Hernandez. (The Big Lead)

The NBC Sports Network has purchased the US TV rights to the CFL. Could this be the brand that NBCSN needs to take the next step. (Awful Announcing)

Rob Gronkowski’s porn star squeeze is retiring from the business. Here’s a hilarious breakdown of her retirement announcement. (Houston Press)

The Spaniards want to do a 48-hour endurance sports car race. I just want this up here for posterity because no one should be crazy enough to sign up for this. (Jalopnik)

If you’re a fan of The Boss, then you want to read this lengthy profile of Bruce Springsteen. (The New Yorker)

We all know that the geek will inherit the earth. It said so in the bible. It looks as though geeks have taken over TV already. (SplitSider)

On Saturday, Jackie looked at who were the highest paid actresses on TV. Today, I found an interactive list of the most valuable actors in Hollywood. (Vulture)

Good news! Maybe even great news! There is a Minka Kelly sex tape being shopped around. There is bad news though. She may have been underage when it was recorded. (Gawker) So if Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction was playing in the background, would that mean she was 7 when the tape was made? There’s some flawed logic being thrown around here.

Speaking of celebrity sex tapes, the Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape which was went viral Tuesday is apparently a fake. Oh well. (Daily Mail)

Lori from The Walking Dead says that Lori from The Walking Dead should die. The Walking Dead viewers agree. (Uproxx)

The guy that wrote I Am Legend has apparently finished the script to the Mass Effect movie. That worries me because THEY’RE MAKING A FUCKING MASS EFFECT MOVIE! THERE’S NO WAY THIS CAN END WELL! (Kotaku)

Speaking of EA, here’s how the interweb deals with big EAvil. (Dorkly) I should try to get that spelling of evil out there.

What happens when the Total Recall trailer gets mashed up with scenes from Mass Effect? An awful ending!

And since we have loads of other Mass Effect crap on here, here’s the Mass Effect Comic Con panel.

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