Sunday Link-Off: Sporting Brouhaha

For the first SLO of a new year, here’s a new face for the blog, Bar Refaeli.

A look at athlete “transgressions” from an inside perspective. (New York Times)

Suppose somebody was to make a movie about Tiger Woods’ transgressions. Who would you put in that movie? Well, somebody’s already fantasy cast a Tiger Wood’s biopic. (Fanhouse)

Basketball is such a civil sport. Players will fight with fans, sleep with other players’ fiancés and even draw guns on each other. Even weirder, it was teammates drawing guns on each other. (Deadspin) And you thought the NFL had a culture problem…

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Wednesday Link-Off: Framing 2009

I wanted to put our woman of 2009 here to lead off the final linkdump of 2009. There were a couple in the running but Blake Lively’s win should come as no shock to regular visitors.

TMZ decided the best way to end 2009 was to try to ruin another reputation. They dug up an old photo of a yacht party involving President John F. Kennedy. (Lion’s Den U)

Apparently Australian summers are quite boring. Their idea of fun in the sun is swimming to crocodile traps. (Northern Territory News) Even the Aussie surfer babes love swimming into crocodile traps. (The Daily Telegraph) If Jackie wants to pick any of them up, he might want to take up croc wrestling.

Sports broadcasting legend Bob Costas might be getting a call from George Lucas. He’s likely to get cast in the next Special Edition of the Star Wars trilogy as Mark Hamill’s double in Return of the Jedi. (The Sports Hernia)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Happy Festivus

A Festivus/early Christmas gift for all of you: Marisa Miller. And no, we don’t mention anything Festivus related in here.

From the man that brought you the UFC, it’s ultimate arm wrestling boxing fighting macho testosterone thing. (Deadspin)

Even though pro wrestling may be a male soap opera, it does help you become a better trash talker. Just ask Jets linebacker Bart Scott. (New York Times)

We’ve still got a few days until Christmas. If you’re looking for some movies to watch over the next couple of days, here’s some suggestions from our pals at Lion’s Den University. (Lion’s Den U)

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Sunday Link-Off: Noughties or Nice?

The SLO was off last week for a Tiger Woods themed affair. To make up for that, here’s our favourite gal Blake Lively.

Our web address isn’t eye-poppingly pretty but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as some of the trainwrecks out there on the net. (Independent Sources)

I don’t think we’re on Facebook but neither were the characters from Star Wars. But what would it have been like if they had been on Facebook. (College Humor)

Let’s close the opening tech theme by mentioning that there are more tweets than people now. To use a description that Jim Chapman taught me, that’s a non-story. (Mashable)

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