Sunday Link-Off: Why Can’t We Be Friends

The folks at Esquire claim that it’s the start of summer so they have Marisa Miller in a bikini. Works for me.

It’s time again for Drew Magary’s annual message to college graduates. I can really get behind this year’s message. (Deadspin)

And on a slightly college related note, with the rise of Facebook, what exactly does “friend” mean now? (Boston Globe)

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Buzz Bissinger is just as pissed of at the media as you are. He can’t believe that the media is trying to turn Osama bin Laden into a victim. (Philadelphia Daily News)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Picking Up The Pieces

Here’s Marisa Miller at the Guys Choice Awards which aren’t real awards but, like the Grammys, they can dream big.

Newsweek’s been having some trouble getting traffic since going to a pay model. Using the Konami code to hide a story about a zombie invasion should help out. (NPR)

I couldn’t be bothered to follow the NBA Finals but I can’t imagine I’m the only one. So why not try some of these six ways to fix the NBA. After all, with David Stern and his refs rigging the action, they can use all the help they can get. (Parade)

So we’re still trying to figure out who will be in goal for England in their next game. In the meantime, England is blaming Canada for the goal. (With Leather)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Bet On A Winner

She may not have topped Maxim’s Hot 100 list this year but Marisa Miller is a perennial contender. And if she actually rides a Harley, all the better.

Everybody remembers Tim Donaghy, right? Well, the betting system he used while still a ref is doing just fine for him now that he’s unemployed. (Black Sports Online)

It seems as though the Phoenix Coyotes are heading home. The Jet-o-Meter is at 96%. (JetsOwner)

The Preakness is this weekend. The question isn’t if there will be a Triple Crown winner but how the annual running of the portajohns goes. (Bro Bible)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Happy Festivus

A Festivus/early Christmas gift for all of you: Marisa Miller. And no, we don’t mention anything Festivus related in here.

From the man that brought you the UFC, it’s ultimate arm wrestling boxing fighting macho testosterone thing. (Deadspin)

Even though pro wrestling may be a male soap opera, it does help you become a better trash talker. Just ask Jets linebacker Bart Scott. (New York Times)

We’ve still got a few days until Christmas. If you’re looking for some movies to watch over the next couple of days, here’s some suggestions from our pals at Lion’s Den University. (Lion’s Den U)

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