Wednesday Link-Off: Happy Festivus

A Festivus/early Christmas gift for all of you: Marisa Miller. And no, we don’t mention anything Festivus related in here.

From the man that brought you the UFC, it’s ultimate arm wrestling boxing fighting macho testosterone thing. (Deadspin)

Even though pro wrestling may be a male soap opera, it does help you become a better trash talker. Just ask Jets linebacker Bart Scott. (New York Times)

We’ve still got a few days until Christmas. If you’re looking for some movies to watch over the next couple of days, here’s some suggestions from our pals at Lion’s Den University. (Lion’s Den U)

After the jump, college football bowl time, deep fried everything, and Harry Caray’s Christmas revenge.

It’s college football bowl season! Everybody gets stuff from the bowl games. The networks get advertising. The conferences and schools get money. The bowl sponsors get exposure to millions of people. And the student-athletes get lots of free stuff. (Sports Business Journal)

Of course, we can’t talk college football without mentioning a playoff. Some obscenely dedicated man at Kotaku simulated a 16-team playoff and every other bowl game while he was at it. (Kotaku)

My old CHRW buddy Ethan is one of the smartest guys I know. For example, he just gave out the smartest bit of relationship advice ever. (Musings on Greenwood)

Most baseball players would be ecstatic to get out of the baseball purgatory that is the Toronto Blue Jays. Roy Halladay isn’t most ball players. He took out a full-page ad in a Toronto paper to wish the city of Toronto well. (Toronto Sun)

Breaking (Not) News: TMZ is expanding into sports coverage. Is this even going to work? (Dan Shanoff)

Normally, I would save a story like this for the Not News but it’s too good to pass up. A 4-year-old kid got drunk and went on a crime spree. (ABC Chattanooga)

Another retrospective of the Noughties: It’s the Top 50 funniest celebrity quotes from the past 10 years. (Buzz Feed)

Today’s first photo gallery is a look at all the wonderful things that you can deep fry. And here I was thinking that deep frying everything was a British thing. (Top Cultured)

If fried foods aren’t your thing, our second photo gallery might be more your speed. It’s a ranking of the Top 40 WAGS of 2009. (Bleacher Report)

To help you get in that Christmas spirit (It’s only two days away… I still have shopping to do.), here’s Harry Caray.

Now for something completely different. It’s another dose of fast race cars in super slow motion.


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